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Outfit/Travel Diary : Floria Putrajaya 2015 | Stop waiting,stop complaining

01 June 2015

Hi there!
I'm sorry for too frequent post this weekend. I have a lot beautiful thing to share with you guys.You have seen me wearing this outfit on my previous post or my brunch post, here. The moment I saw this shirt dress, I knew it going to be great statement item on my closet.But,too bad I got bigger stomach and my rear side is not good enough for this kind of dress, that I'm thinking and leave the dress. But, after walking around, then I'm thinking why should I think what people might think of me, or maybe they don't even bother it. So, I went back to get it and here I am with my black shirt dress.
For the brunch, I wearing it without my straw hat and denim shirt. When I went to Floria Putrajaya and its super hot there.

I found one great location for my outfit shooting..jeng jeng!!!

I still carrying the same bag..

Buahhaaa.. try to do some sexy look..buahhaha but I love myself, so I accept this one..heehe

There one thing that make me happier, my hair..super loooong!!hahhaa

I feel the festival vibe when I tied my denim jacket on my shirt dress..ahhaa

Thanks for visit and read my blog.


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