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Outfit Diary : Striped shirt + black jegging | Never let go of that dream


Hi there!
Happy Sunday.
Today was a blessed day because I still able to see the beautiful view on earth. There so many places that I ever been but still our own place still the best. One of my favorite place is Putrajaya. I love the view here, its so gorgeous and breathtaking for my photo but I need to improve my photography skills. For outfit diary today, I wanna share my simple style for easy and ready outfit shoot day with my new sweetheart from Sometime. I really love to support our local brand and I hope you support them too. For handbag lovers, you can visit Sometime Online shopping, here.
For now, enjoy my outfit shooting yesterday.

Sometime I feel down and tired with my own dreams but I will never let go of this dream, never! I always talking about dream right? I am from rural area so everything is my dream. I want to make myself in into the world that I always love, its fashion world and shine there, not for my own benefit but I want to show that God can make your dream come true and your work hard will paid someday.

As I promised last time, I will wear pant on my outfit shoot from now to show how bigger my butt and thigh.I'm thankful for all these, I always remind myself, this is my choice so I appreciate it.

Not matter where you come from, your dream is valid-Lupita
such a strong words for me and I always keep this qoute on my mind. So, I hope you also.

Owning so many thing will never make you feel happy but appreciate and never take everything for granted will make you happy.

I'm glad that I have some tough moment in my life. I learned a lot from that. When there storm in your life, don't give up! Keep going strong!

One of my dream before was got V-shaped face but I appreciate what I got now. For me, beauty is not just that V-shaped but what you feel about you.

You don't know what in people's heart. Never underestimate anybody around you, they exist because God make them to be around and make joy in this life.

Remember, whatever your dream, do it!!

Thanks for visit and read my blog!

Outfit Details 

Striped shirt : Vietnam
Jegging: Cotton On
Handbag : Sometime by Asian Designer
Shoes : Vincci
Necklace : Forever21
Hat : H&M 

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