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Outfit Diary : The older the better | Do you love you?

15 June 2015

Hi,nice to see you here again.
Hope you have a great day so far.
Today, I want to share what I'm wearing to church last Sunday. For this pairing, I just randomly pick because I have no idea what to wear.Girls always have this problem but I got one tips,  whenever in doubt, always pick your favorites and make yourself look the best on it. I always no idea what to talk on my blog (i'm sorry..) but once I got the topic I can't stop writing, and it  will make my blog entry super long.But, today I feel wanna share something that very important for any girls or maybe gentlemen out there.Before I begin, I want you to ask this question to yourself,
"Do you like you?"

 When I asked this question to myself, I asked it twice. First, I am not really sure whether I love myself,I always feel like I'm too fat without good angle of camera and I got very rounded face and so on. A lot of thing that I don't love about myself. But, when I asked myself twice, there a lot of thing I love about me, I love how passionate am I about thing that I love and many more. 
I'm 27 years old this year (but FB stated, I'm 26 years old), so I feel like I am big sisters to all girls out there, that ever find my blog. I wanted to share my experience of my life here and make you guys learn from that.

It's not easy to learn to love yourself truly. You can always said "I love myself" but deep down inside your heart, you don't really mean that, still you feel unsecure about yourself. As I growing old, I become secure and trust myself 100%. I love everything that I do, I determined to achieve my dreams and I love people so much especially my family and friends without even wait for the return. I love give love.  I have learned that, love is not just between two person and not just received but its all about everyone. But, first, love yourself because you cannot love other when you can't even love yourself.

Before I end this post entry, I hope you love yourself truly and appreciate yourself more than before. Nobody going to love you like you love yourself. Even if you love somebody else truly, madly, deeply and whatsoever, at the end, love yourself first before love others.

Thank you for reading and visit my blog.


Outfit Details

Shirt : Brand Outlets
Skirt : My sister old skirt
Smartphone case : Handmade from Sarawak ( If you interested, let me know)
Shoes : Charles and Keith

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