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Outfit Ideas : Olive green outfits


Boyfriend V-Neck Tee -
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Hi everyone!
Just want to share my color crush for this June.It's olive green.I did three outfit shooting wearing this new favorite color of mine. You can check here,here and here.
What do you think of this color?
In my humble opinion, this color can be your basic color on your closet.If you are student,  I know you maybe find so hard to buy clothes too frequent so the color must add on your style is olive green,it wont make you look old,I promise! If you are working lady, this one must have color on your closet as you can wear it for casual and formal as long as you can play well with it. And, here is some inspiration that I love.

       1. Shirtdress(look like one but it two piece)

I can imagine myself wearing this now and walk confidently. You can invest on the shirt and skirt and play dress up with it.
This girl manages to look childlike and timeless simultaneously. Another Miss Mira moment
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2. All olive green
Oh boy! I just can stop staring at this pairing,super gorgeous! I need to start hunting for olive green skirt now..haha
Liviana Conti Spring Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection. I would wear this.
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3. Pairing with white shirt
This pairing go well for casual look and great for running errands and window shopping.
Cream lace tee, olive skinnies, ankle strap flats
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4. Pairing with black jacket and shoes
All olive green is gorgeous and to make it even gorgeous, pairing it with the black jacket and great black shoes.
Olivia Palermo looking chic... love her statement necklace + the green on green.

5. All favorite color IN ( black,grey and olive green)
This one great for working lady. I love to wear like this but my workplace is not sooo style like this but I won't complaint.
Love the loose, cropped olive pants
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6. Denim jacket and striped shirt
Another casual look.
Olive skinnies - cute.  Jean jacket - I don't always love them but I like the way this fits her.  I'd want one like this.
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7. The coolness definition,that jacket!
Whenever you want to feel good on your outfit,just put your jacket on your shoulder and just walk confidently.
Miroslava Duma in a grey t-shirt, black heels, a green jacket, and round sunglasses
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8. Fedora hat with big sweater.
Its very rare for us,Malaysian wear fedora hat because of our weather but this weather won't stop me wearing it.
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9.That olive green fedora hat
Oh no! this make me fall in love.
Beautiful white dress
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10. The coolness and gentlemen in my eyes.
This man definitily gentlemen and melt my heart like ice cream..
textured olive green fitted shirt. tan shorts. brown weave belt. brown boat shoes. easy. classic. simple. summer. style.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
I hope you find it inspirational and enjoy it.
No matter what your favorite color, wear it with confidently.


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