Hi everyone!
Happy Saturday and I am still not moving on from my latest travel to London. But, this is my second last post for this gratest travel experience in my life so far, I feel a bit sad but I am trying not to because this is greatest memory in my life. On this post, I will show you the first place I went in UK, its Basingstoke. I never heard of this before..haha. And, I love this place, its quite and not very far from London. If I have chance to live in UK, maybe (maybe..), I will choose to be here..haha because I don't know about other area.
As I writing this post on Saturday evening, its heavily raining outside and that's make me feel so good and smiling on my own..funny and crazy but that's how I lived. Funny and crazy.
Enjoy my photos at Basingstoke.

[London,UK] Basingstoke,South England | Work-cation

31 July 2015

To be honest, I never know what is Harrods before. I swear I don't know. I thought is just street name or something but its actually luxury shopping places. When I arrived in front of the places, I feel like I don't want to enter because I feel embrassed to enter because its seems for rich people. But, since everyone enter, so I enter and I am ready to see the luxury items that probably I never have change to but.  I feel too small and feel like beggar. Everything is look beautiful and luxury. I know this was people called luxury and this is rich. 
As I getting older, I never aim to be rich instead I aim for peaceful life. I don't want to be rich because I knew myself if I got everything. I scared I will forget everything because of money. But, if that my destiny, I will make use of that to make everyone life peacefully.

Travel DIary : Window shopping @Harrods

30 July 2015

Hi there!
I am not super fan of football or soccer but I definitily super fan of handsome footballer..haha
I am so lucky because I'm able to able to vone of the well known stadium here, I am not sure about all the stadium in the world because I never know..haha. I went here just to answer my curious heart and my curious eyes want to see what so exciting here.When we arrived here, the admission for stadium and museum tour just closed..too bad! But, doesn't matter, its time for having fun to walking one round of the stadium.
Enjoy the photos.

[London,UK] Emirates Stadium,London

29 July 2015

Hi there.
This is the second place I visited on my second day exploring London, its the Sherlock Holmes museum. For Sherlock Holmes fans, you will get excited seeing this. Actually, its a very tiny museum but inside it all the vintage items, letters from Sherlock Holmes's fan and the entrance fees is GBP15 and need to queu up as per usual. I am super sleepy(you can see in my eyes) but that cannot stop myself exploring.
Enjoy the photos and the best description of the museum.

[London,UK] The Sherlock Holmes Museum

28 July 2015

Hi everyone!
Happy Monday.
I hope you not tired of seeing my London photos yet. I am too excited to show my little journey with you guys. I hope you enjoy the photos so far. And, now I wanna show my photos at Madame Tussauds,London. This is my second Madame Tussauds after Madame Tussauds at Hong Kong. I think, this one more fun and bigger than the HK one. To be honest, when I visited Madame Tussauds, I think my good time I have with someone I used to know but that is the past now, so let move on and move up and never look back. You can check the post here. Now, lets enjoy the photos.

[London,UK] Madame Tussauds London

27 July 2015

Hi everyone!
Taking break for my travel post for now.
Today is Sunday and I am at Malaysia so its time for outfit diary.
Sunday always my exciting day because its the day that I fully dedicated to worship and give thank to God for the everything. I am not saying only Sunday we can do that, we do it everyday.
Back to outfits, finally I can translate my love to skies to my outfits.
If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you guys already feel overloaded with my every day skies photo. I love it so much. I feel it give me peace and freedom.

Outfit Diary : Get it from the skies

26 July 2015

We come to Piccadilly Circus for our dinner before heading back to Basingstoke and of course, I recognize it and take photo of this view.Awesome! You can find a lot of restaurants here so its right place to find our dinner.

[London,UK] Piccadilly Circus

22 July 2015

Its time for London Bridge and Tower of London.
But,too bad I didn't get close to these two, we running out of time. The time is so limited and my legs wanna "patah" already..haha

Hi everyone~
Now, I am at British Museum.This museum is super HUGE! And, I love everything inside it especially the ceramic things and the "patung",love it! I always dreamed to spend a day at this kind of places,maybe I should start to explore local museum at Malaysia.Yes, I should start. For now, let's enjoy the photo from British Museum.

[London,UK] British Museum

Hi everyone~
Let continue my adventure at London city last week. Now, I will share my photo at Soho and Oxford street. These street is shopping heaven. I am so tempted to buying anything but I got another week here so I need to managed my money very well or I will go NO MONEY which is scary. So, I just enjoying window shopping and see the peoples around here. A lot of human and everyone seems have a lot of money or maybe they have many money. Not like me..ahhaha
But,I am enjoying here.

Yay! I'm here at London Eye and Westminster Bridge. As per usual, I can't experience the London Eye ride due to long queu up again. A lot of people wanted to try the ride and as you can see, there alot of people waiting there. This is the challenge whenever we went to travel. For me, I love to experience it but I had very limited budget and I will be here for 2 weeks, I scared I will be run out of money which is SCARY!haha
But,its okay, I only take photo which every iconic or attractions places and enjoy the moment there for awhile and move to another locations. Life is moving fast because the time never wait you.
I read on magazine before " The moment you feel not enjoying your life for 1 minutes, you lose 60 seconds of happiness". True right?

[London,UK] Westminster Bridge & London Eye

20 July 2015

Now, I am at Big Ben and Parliament Square. It just behind the Westminster Abbey so just walked for few seconds then you can see this iconic building. The night before I went to London, I am not sure which one to visit because I never know the exact location of each attractions, so I decided to just list down what I wanted to visit and if I found interesting places along the way, I will just enjoy it. Luckly, as the attractions just near to each others. So, I am beyond excited.
Enjoy the photos.

[London,UK] Parliament Square & Big Ben

After visited Buckingham palace, we walked to another attraction places,which is Westminster Abbey and along the way, I found the red telephone box. I always wanted to take photo with this famous telephone box.And, here am I with my photo with this famous red telephone box. We unable to enter the Westminster Abbey because we need to queu up for the ticket and we don't have time for that so just take photo of it and bought souveniers at Westminster abbey shop and move to another location.

The first place I wanted to visit whenever I think of London is Buckingham Palace.Why? I want to see the places where the royal wedding held and I wanted to touch it whether its real or not?haha and of course, I wanted to see the Guards,the one that wear red and big hat.I'm lucky enough that day because there guards retreat. I don't know what is that but I can see in front of my eyes what they're doing. And, for the first time everr, I feel ungrateful because I'm short girl.I can't see clearly what happen..haha.But,its okay..I'm enjoying my visit here so enjoy the photos.

[London,UK] Buckingham Palace,London

London Waterloo is central London railway terminus and London Underground station complex in the London Borough of Lambeth. From here, we can go anywhere you want. For us, we bought 1 day London pass so we can access all the subway line and ride city buses. The adventure for the first day was quite hard because we do not familiar with all the subway routes,everytime we need to stop by at the maps and trying to figure out where to go.Its fun for me and I love doing that. If I went by myself, I will rather lost than find a way home..hahha.But, I will never lost because everything is clear and accurate. What I like about their train was the train always on time and the fastest ever I experience after Hong Kong.The duration just 1!!

Today I will travel to somewhere that I always dreamed to travel. Finally, the day has come for me. I will travel to Europe for the very first time and I hope this is the beginning because travel to Europe is one of my biggest dream.
I feel so nervous and excited at the same time. Another date to marked in my life, its 6 July 2015.
I still can't believe this is happening in my life.After I check in and received my boarding pass/flight ticket, I knew its really happening now.
My father always said to younger me " Pekalai pabik lanten(London)". I never study at London(too bad) but go to London because of my main job, makes me think about what my father said to me and its make me even excited to go. Finally, that words come to live or in another word "Dream come true!". For Kenyah girl from rural area like me, this one such a big deal. I know I'm lucky enough to have this kind of opportunity,thanks for trust and confident on me,bosses and God is always good.
It will be 12+ hours from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow Airport,it direct flight and my first time to have a very long flight. All my friends that had experience of long flight give me advice how to survive on this long flight,thanks friends!But,I'm  not even feel tired inside the flight, I'm surprised!!hahha..thanks God! When I arrived at London Heathrow Airport, I feel like new canvas appear in front of me, everything is new and  I can't even take any photo because people moving so fast and I need to follow the speed of people. And, at immigration officer, I feel a little bit nervous because he asked me so many question regarding my visit UK. Their immigration quite strict and they seriously serious. I never experience this kind of immigration. So,lesson here is be confident when you are right. Arriving at UK for the first time such a good feeling I ever had, its more than falling in love with someone and its more than feeling when I buy new clothes.
I am looking forward for every day of my life here.

No matter where you come from, your dream is valid
Dare to dream big and don't let the fear bigger than your dreams.

Thanks and love,
Aya from Keriitleto

[London,UK] KL~ London | 6 July 2015

Hi everyone!
Its time for me to share my London,UK adventure last weekend. I had a blast! First of all, thank you  God for wonderful blessing and thank you bosses for the opportunity!
I went to Europe for the very first time for my work and lucky me, I'm going to spend my weekend over here so its time to be adventurous again. 
I love explore new city, I love see the different view, talk to new people(workplace and ask for direction),visit new store or trying different kind of food in different restaurants and wondering at street by myself and breath new air in new city. Overall, I just love wondering by myself at the new city,its a great feeling. This time, I'm lucky enough to travel to one of my dreamed country to travel to and one of my Japanese colleague wanted to travel with me because he cannot speak English very well so yeah, I'm more than welcome at least got someone to take my photo..haha. 
Every steps and everything I see in London was so precious and worth for my single shoot. For rural/kampung girl like me, this is beyond of my wildest dreams.
Everything was precious to keep in my memory. 
Thanks God, its sunny Saturday last week so I got to see beautiful sky everywhere and explore the city with happiest heart. When there beautiful skies, I'm the happiest.
I will divide my adventure according to the places I visited because I want to talk so much about each places that I visited. I don't care if I share too much post about this trip because all I want is I saved all the memories here on my blog. So,without any further due, let's begin.
* Please click each of places name to read the story and see the photos.

Day 1
KL ~ London 

Day 2~5 
Basingstoke,South England

Day 6


Keriitleto goes to London 1

Day 7
Day 8~ 13

I hope you will enjoy my adventure to London. I hope all the post make you dream bigger and work hard toward on whatever what you doing.

Thanks and love,


Hi everyone!
When you love something, you will always have time for it despite wherever you are..
Just like when you love somebody, you will always can make time for them. There no super busy life. You can always make time for something. For me, I love outfit shooting and share it on my blog so much even though I'm busy with my main job, I always trying my best to make time for it, sometime I do shoot couple week before and write the post before I go to sleep. or while waiting for my taxi go to work. This month, I busy with my main job and I feel like my life move so fast and that's make me feel so good. I love busy life because that make me less think of useless things. All I can think now is what will ahead me and what I will do after this and that.

Outfit Diary : The sound of wave

14 July 2015

Hi everyone!
I want to share one of my long awaited outfit diary on the blog.
This time,I wore my white dress that I bought at Thailand early this year. I matched it with the beaded clutch and my grey flat shoes. I am officially flat shoes girls. I wanted to share this post next week but next couple week going to be a busy week for me ( I think I unable to do some blogging  even though I'm busy). For now, I present my outfit diary.

Outfit Diary : Under the same skies

09 July 2015

Hi everyone!
How's your day? I hope you have a great one.
For today post, I wanted to share something special with you guys. This is my favorite outfit shoot so far. 
First, enjoy the photo and let me know what do you think?

Outfit Diary : Only my shadow knows

07 July 2015

Hi everyone!
Hope you have a great day and yeah! It's Friday, the day that I always waiting for every week. I'm excited to share one great news here but at the same time, I feel like I wanna keep it to myself first and reveal it very soon.Currently, I feel excited and nervous what will be my week will be.Sometime, I hate this situation in my life., I hate the feeling excited and worry at the same time.
Another thing that make me worried lately was my country current situation, oh man! Sometime, I feel like I can't continue to do my passion on fashion here if this bad situation will continue. I can't see the bright future now but I need to put a little faith on myself and surrender everything to God. But, whatever it is, I can't wait to talk about my outfits on this post.

Outfit Diary : Whatever ahead me, I will go there

03 July 2015

Hi everyone!

It's a new month and we have another month to do improvement in our life. Never stop improve yourself, if the progress seems slow, don't ever give up! No matter what situation, never give up! There will be always light at the end of tunnel.
Today,I will share my special shoot and special sewing project( everything is special..hehe).
Do you remember this blue dress? If you don't, you can check the dress here and here.
The original dress is maxi and it's hard to wear it for any event after the wedding, so I decided to refashion it into midi dress. At first, I planned to make it with sleeved dress but my sewing skills not so good so I end up just trimmed it,make it midi dress. I will try to learn how to cut and sew the sleeves. What I love about re-fashion thing, I can choose the length I want and its free for sure since I do it myself.
Sometime, I'm tired of the posing thing and I feel want to try new pose today and I like this kind of style. Just free to be me and do whatever I want like no one watching.
Enjoy the photo.

Keriitleto WP : Maxi to Midi (Bridesmaid dress refashion)

01 July 2015

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