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Keriitleto WP : Maxi to Midi (Bridesmaid dress refashion)

Hi everyone!

It's a new month and we have another month to do improvement in our life. Never stop improve yourself, if the progress seems slow, don't ever give up! No matter what situation, never give up! There will be always light at the end of tunnel.
Today,I will share my special shoot and special sewing project( everything is special..hehe).
Do you remember this blue dress? If you don't, you can check the dress here and here.
The original dress is maxi and it's hard to wear it for any event after the wedding, so I decided to refashion it into midi dress. At first, I planned to make it with sleeved dress but my sewing skills not so good so I end up just trimmed it,make it midi dress. I will try to learn how to cut and sew the sleeves. What I love about re-fashion thing, I can choose the length I want and its free for sure since I do it myself.
Sometime, I'm tired of the posing thing and I feel want to try new pose today and I like this kind of style. Just free to be me and do whatever I want like no one watching.
Enjoy the photo.

One thing I love about my life is I can do whatever I want and I love my freedom! 
Thanks mum and dad for trust and give me this freedom.

 I love the backdrop here, I always have a dream to take this kind of photo with nature and some modern building at the back. It's come true now.

Feel free being yourself.

My great Sunday evening was lie at park with my camera and try another angle of photo.
Plus, some sweet food like donut and great company.

 Dancing like no one see you and live like you'll live forever!

Messy hair don't care!

I practicing the pose to welcome special person in my life..haha

The beginning of July 2015, all I need to do now is be positive and work hard for better life and no more shopping for me. I need to stop that habit immediately.

Thanks for reading and visit my blog.
Have a great day.


Aya from Keriitleto

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