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Outfit Diary : Get it from the skies


Hi everyone!
Taking break for my travel post for now.
Today is Sunday and I am at Malaysia so its time for outfit diary.
Sunday always my exciting day because its the day that I fully dedicated to worship and give thank to God for the everything. I am not saying only Sunday we can do that, we do it everyday.
Back to outfits, finally I can translate my love to skies to my outfits.
If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you guys already feel overloaded with my every day skies photo. I love it so much. I feel it give me peace and freedom.

My outfits inspiration today is that blue and white skies.
You can see photo like this everyday on my Instagram so follow me (@keriitleto)
Its not hot day, but still I closed my eyes..haha

Just trying to look another way but the outcome, I look fierce..haha

I need my sunglasses here..haha, I want big eyes..

Please excuse my kind of duck lips..ahhaa

Again..the sleepy eyes..

Have a little fun while I still can having fun on my own.

Lastly, its time for selfie. In my humble opinion, there nothing wrong taking selfie because its show that you love yourself more than others. Keep taking selfie everyone!

Thank you for visit my blog.

Shirt : Brand outlets ( Man section)
Skirt : Kitcshen ( Gift from my friends last year)
Necklace : Forever21
Flat sandals : Mark & Spencer
Handbag : Thailand

Love ya,

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