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Outfit Diary : Only my shadow knows

Hi everyone!
How's your day? I hope you have a great one.
For today post, I wanted to share something special with you guys. This is my favorite outfit shoot so far. 
First, enjoy the photo and let me know what do you think?

Seems like my post title is unmatched with my outfit diary today,right?
Lately, I feel like only my shadow knows about my crazy passion and dreams. Sometime, I don't know where this dreams will be bring me and sometime, I can see my clear direction. No matter what, I will enjoy the journey.

Don't ever live for the sake of someone else, live for the sake of yourself and your family.

 In my life, I'm trying to say " There nothing I ever regret do in my life".
Even my heartbroken time is the time I never wanted to erase in my life. I learned a lot about myself and my family during that hard time.Even though its already 2 years++ but I learned a lot.Thank you for the heartbroken time stranger!
 I'm happy with myself and my life and people around me. I'm not scare to love but I know myself better so I don't feel anyone can know me better than myself.

The strongest girl is the girl that never give up even though she been hurt and rejected. If you been rejected by someone that you love, don't feel bad girl. He doesn't deserve you.

The happiest girl is the girl that love herself and move on.

" No matter where this dreams will bring me, I will never let it go because its my long time dreams"

If you feel heartbroken this moment, wipe your tears girl! Take a paper and write this " For the sake of myself and my family, I will be happy and move on!" and get out from your bed, go for joging and see the skies and talk plus crying in the middle with your sisters or friends. Don't do this alone, it may hard and impossible to forget someone that used to say "good night" to you, you can do it!
God can heal you!

Thanks for reading and visit my blog.

See you next time..

Aya from Keriitleto
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