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Outfit Diary : Whatever ahead me, I will go there

03 July 2015

Hi everyone!
Hope you have a great day and yeah! It's Friday, the day that I always waiting for every week. I'm excited to share one great news here but at the same time, I feel like I wanna keep it to myself first and reveal it very soon.Currently, I feel excited and nervous what will be my week will be.Sometime, I hate this situation in my life., I hate the feeling excited and worry at the same time.
Another thing that make me worried lately was my country current situation, oh man! Sometime, I feel like I can't continue to do my passion on fashion here if this bad situation will continue. I can't see the bright future now but I need to put a little faith on myself and surrender everything to God. But, whatever it is, I can't wait to talk about my outfits on this post.

Actually, the outfits this time, same like here but I just add the jacket.
Have you ever went to shop and saw something that really attack your heart? 
I always feel that..everytime but I need to be careful now because the economy situation is getting bad, even though shopping help economy but it not help me at all. But, I couldn't resist this semi leather jacket. I fell in love...and its on SALE at H&M, so take it girls!!hahhaa..

This building is really make me feel good!! I love architecture so much..lately!

Of course, the blue sky never fail to capture my heart..oh man!

I always remember, I am the girl that used to go to "majau", puang padai, nogan and some of the farmer things. I like all those things but I always look forward what ahead me and I will never give up on any dreams that I ever dreams.

Back to the pose..strike the pose yo!

I'm not pregnant! I forgot to suck in..oh no!!!

Last but not least,
thanks for reading..
I hope you will always have a great day and I will share exciting news very soon ( I hope everything go smoothly).
Hint: Travel again...



Outfit details:

Jacket : H&M

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