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[London,UK] Basingstoke to London Waterloo Station

London Waterloo is central London railway terminus and London Underground station complex in the London Borough of Lambeth. From here, we can go anywhere you want. For us, we bought 1 day London pass so we can access all the subway line and ride city buses. The adventure for the first day was quite hard because we do not familiar with all the subway routes,everytime we need to stop by at the maps and trying to figure out where to go.Its fun for me and I love doing that. If I went by myself, I will rather lost than find a way home..hahha.But, I will never lost because everything is clear and accurate. What I like about their train was the train always on time and the fastest ever I experience after Hong Kong.The duration just 1!!

Firstly, I wanted to share the beautiful view my second hotel. I stayed in two hotel while I'm here. The first one quite far from the town and the second was nearby the train station,its only 8 minutes from my hotel. This is my everyday view.

This is my first train station here,Basingstoke Station.

This is one day pass and their train schedule for July~ December 2015. 

Waiting time never feel like waiting.I am excited to see London for the first time..haha

The great view along the way to London Waterloo. Its take 45minutes from Basingstoke to London.
I love the view..this is for real?? I guess I really love the big skies and greeny things right? I just love nature because I am kampung girl.

You know you near the big city when you start to view this kind of views.But,still I am excited!

The moment I step inside the London waterloo station ,its HUGE! and as per usual a lot of people rushing everywhere.

The arrival and departures gate is soooo many.

I've seen this kind of view on the movie before. I forgot what movie but I feel surreal I can experience and step on the same station.Its great feeling..

When you ride this escalator, make sure stand at the right everytime because people that wanted to move fastest will be on the left. What I like about this escalator is faster than I ever experience, i think same like the one I ever experience at Hong Kong before.

This is the underground train and I am super amazed to see all of this in front of my eyes. Everything is interesting.

This is the evening view. After explore the city all day long and went back to hotel in the evening. The evening also quite breathtaking.As per usual, the skies captured my heart. I dont know why am I so obsessed with the skies..haha but I love it!

Being here is super awesome for me. I feel overwhelm and every second was surreal moment for me. I love this big city .The next post will be...


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