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[London,UK] Basingstoke,South England | Work-cation

Hi everyone!
Happy Saturday and I am still not moving on from my latest travel to London. But, this is my second last post for this gratest travel experience in my life so far, I feel a bit sad but I am trying not to because this is greatest memory in my life. On this post, I will show you the first place I went in UK, its Basingstoke. I never heard of this before..haha. And, I love this place, its quite and not very far from London. If I have chance to live in UK, maybe (maybe..), I will choose to be here..haha because I don't know about other area.
As I writing this post on Saturday evening, its heavily raining outside and that's make me feel so good and smiling on my own..funny and crazy but that's how I lived. Funny and crazy.
Enjoy my photos at Basingstoke.

The first photo I took when I arrived at Basingstoke, I'm amazed the blue skies as per usual.

The amazed feeling continue...

I'm getting ready to work.

One sunny day and I sitting behind the window because I'm so excited to see the sun.

The hotel staff put that everyday in front of the hotel door..exclude the "tapau"

My first ever try Coca Cola cherry and its taste weird..

More more selfie..

This is entrance where I working. I always dream to work in this kind of place, I mean that rotate door and 2 weeks is enough for me, if have chance more than that should be okay..haha

Back to Basingstoke town..peaceful and gloomy every evening but that flowers cover it up

This street so quiet and seems like no people, I feel like I enter quiet town.

The sign of summer is flowers..lovely and colorful flower.

Feel a little warm this moment

Walk around the hotel and as you can see, no people..because after work (around 6pm), most of the shop close and no people I dont know go where.

Chinese shop and Arabian shop over there.

This one also can la..

Before off to work,I always saw this kind of view which lift up my mood..

Oh my! gorgeoussss

On the evening, I take a walk around the hotel area..

Quiet as always..

Beautiful as always

Pretty as always

Most of my photo at Basingstoke is skies, selfie and building or roads..I know, I just amazed everything here. I still miss the weather now..feel warm as always. I love that.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.

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