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[London,UK] Buckingham Palace,London

The first place I wanted to visit whenever I think of London is Buckingham Palace.Why? I want to see the places where the royal wedding held and I wanted to touch it whether its real or not?haha and of course, I wanted to see the Guards,the one that wear red and big hat.I'm lucky enough that day because there guards retreat. I don't know what is that but I can see in front of my eyes what they're doing. And, for the first time everr, I feel ungrateful because I'm short girl.I can't see clearly what happen..haha.But,its okay..I'm enjoying my visit here so enjoy the photos.

The moment I saw this sign, I'm jumping like happy little kids but with control motion..haha

Now this called lucky! There big event held at Buckingham palace today.

I can't even take a proper photo because too many people and my lenses is short focal length..arghhh!

Okay,its proof time..haha. Here I am in front of Buckingham Palace.

Now, this what people called sea of many people.

Beautiful skies...that always captured my heart.

and, there you go..the guards with big hat and red black uniform..this for real??hahha..but,too bad I cant take photo with them due to so many places to see and I dont have enough time.

If I have time, I wanted to guling guling at this park..such a awesome places.

I don't know why the girl look at me that way? nevermind..just ignore her..she checkin out my butt..haha

That such a quick visit at Buckingham Palace. I wanted to spend more time there but I need to visit other places too and I had a little time. So,next will be... 

see you on next post.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.

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