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[London,UK] Emirates Stadium,London


Hi there!
I am not super fan of football or soccer but I definitily super fan of handsome footballer..haha
I am so lucky because I'm able to able to vone of the well known stadium here, I am not sure about all the stadium in the world because I never know..haha. I went here just to answer my curious heart and my curious eyes want to see what so exciting here.When we arrived here, the admission for stadium and museum tour just closed..too bad! But, doesn't matter, its time for having fun to walking one round of the stadium.
Enjoy the photos.

For Arsenal fans

This is outside the stadium and I just love the skies that day but suddenly its raining afterward. I realized that, weather here can change drastically,

Now, its time for me to having a little photo shoot with the background "Emirates Stadium". Too bad I can't enter due to I'm just a little late..arghh but its okay.

My dreams to take a better photo of my travel diary. 

I think no one can understand how excited I am whenever I can experience something interesting in front of my eyes.

Can't take off my eyes on you..

When I look back on my photos, I realized my camera seems like my accecory due to my friend cannot use this DSLR, always out of focus so at the end, most of photo here using my iphone 6 camera. but, not bad.

Its time to say bye bye to Emirates Stadium. I can't explore it really well but I am satisfy enough to be here.

And, again..I can't resist this wall.

How good is this environment. I feel like I wanna live here. God, can I?

Last but not least, take photo in front of Underground should be okay for someone that love take photo like me.

This is my second week at Malaysia since I back from London and I still can't let go of this memories. Can I just live there?  Its so hard to forget all the good environment, good view and quality alone time ( I always had this but I always wanted more). Its okay if I will not eat rice anymore, I will change that. Travelling alone at different places always make me love myself even more. If you want to know who your true self? Travel to anymore ALONE.

You will discover yourself and you'll suprised.



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