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[London,UK] Keriitleto goes to London,United Kingdom

20 July 2015

Hi everyone!
Its time for me to share my London,UK adventure last weekend. I had a blast! First of all, thank you  God for wonderful blessing and thank you bosses for the opportunity!
I went to Europe for the very first time for my work and lucky me, I'm going to spend my weekend over here so its time to be adventurous again. 
I love explore new city, I love see the different view, talk to new people(workplace and ask for direction),visit new store or trying different kind of food in different restaurants and wondering at street by myself and breath new air in new city. Overall, I just love wondering by myself at the new city,its a great feeling. This time, I'm lucky enough to travel to one of my dreamed country to travel to and one of my Japanese colleague wanted to travel with me because he cannot speak English very well so yeah, I'm more than welcome at least got someone to take my photo..haha. 
Every steps and everything I see in London was so precious and worth for my single shoot. For rural/kampung girl like me, this is beyond of my wildest dreams.
Everything was precious to keep in my memory. 
Thanks God, its sunny Saturday last week so I got to see beautiful sky everywhere and explore the city with happiest heart. When there beautiful skies, I'm the happiest.
I will divide my adventure according to the places I visited because I want to talk so much about each places that I visited. I don't care if I share too much post about this trip because all I want is I saved all the memories here on my blog. So,without any further due, let's begin.
* Please click each of places name to read the story and see the photos.

Day 1
KL ~ London 

Day 2~5 
Basingstoke,South England

Day 6


Keriitleto goes to London 1

Day 7
Day 8~ 13

I hope you will enjoy my adventure to London. I hope all the post make you dream bigger and work hard toward on whatever what you doing.

Thanks and love,


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