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[London,UK] KL~ London | 6 July 2015


Today I will travel to somewhere that I always dreamed to travel. Finally, the day has come for me. I will travel to Europe for the very first time and I hope this is the beginning because travel to Europe is one of my biggest dream.
I feel so nervous and excited at the same time. Another date to marked in my life, its 6 July 2015.
I still can't believe this is happening in my life.After I check in and received my boarding pass/flight ticket, I knew its really happening now.
My father always said to younger me " Pekalai pabik lanten(London)". I never study at London(too bad) but go to London because of my main job, makes me think about what my father said to me and its make me even excited to go. Finally, that words come to live or in another word "Dream come true!". For Kenyah girl from rural area like me, this one such a big deal. I know I'm lucky enough to have this kind of opportunity,thanks for trust and confident on me,bosses and God is always good.
It will be 12+ hours from Kuala Lumpur to London Heathrow Airport,it direct flight and my first time to have a very long flight. All my friends that had experience of long flight give me advice how to survive on this long flight,thanks friends!But,I'm  not even feel tired inside the flight, I'm surprised!!hahha..thanks God! When I arrived at London Heathrow Airport, I feel like new canvas appear in front of me, everything is new and  I can't even take any photo because people moving so fast and I need to follow the speed of people. And, at immigration officer, I feel a little bit nervous because he asked me so many question regarding my visit UK. Their immigration quite strict and they seriously serious. I never experience this kind of immigration. So,lesson here is be confident when you are right. Arriving at UK for the first time such a good feeling I ever had, its more than falling in love with someone and its more than feeling when I buy new clothes.
I am looking forward for every day of my life here.

No matter where you come from, your dream is valid
Dare to dream big and don't let the fear bigger than your dreams.

Thanks and love,
Aya from Keriitleto

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