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[London,UK] Madame Tussauds London


Hi everyone!
Happy Monday.
I hope you not tired of seeing my London photos yet. I am too excited to show my little journey with you guys. I hope you enjoy the photos so far. And, now I wanna show my photos at Madame Tussauds,London. This is my second Madame Tussauds after Madame Tussauds at Hong Kong. I think, this one more fun and bigger than the HK one. To be honest, when I visited Madame Tussauds, I think my good time I have with someone I used to know but that is the past now, so let move on and move up and never look back. You can check the post here. Now, lets enjoy the photos.

When we arrived here, we need to queu up for the ticket and the entrance fee is GBP30 for each person (quite expensive but I wanna go!!). 

Here is the ticket counter. While you waiting, you can access the free wifi so dont worry.
Yay! Finally the time I waiting for is here. Now, ready for smile and posing.

First and foremost, take a photo with Edward from Twilight. He handsome so of course, I will take photo with him. Love his outfits as well.

This is super funny. I thought this is human but actually, she also the "creature" here..hahaa. I can't stop laughing at me.
 Sea of people as per usual

Nice outfits I think. Red and white never fool my eyes

I am not fan of her but love her dress and shoes.
I don't know her name but I always seen her on TV and I love her timeless beauty.

I'm fan of her since Titanic. I always adore her acting and her beauty. Kate Winslet

I got chance to take photo with "her". In front of me, there so many people waiting for their turn. So, no posing hard here..haha

With my favorite bollywood actor all the time. I have a little story about how big fan I am of Shah Rukh Khan. When I'm in secondary school, some students sells the ticket to watch his movie, I think  Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham movie and the ticket price is 50cents and I am begging my sister for that ticket. That how poor I am during my high school. I don't even have 50cents. I always crying whenever I watch Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, especially during the scene when Rahul want to confess to Tina and he practice with Angali..that part really burst my tears everytime.,even until now.
6 pax like a chocolate.

 Me and Princess Diana. I adore her so much.

Terminator. I'll be back. I read somewhere said like this to Arnold, he should put sign "I'll be back" if he die, I found it rude first then its sound funny at the end. I hope he not put that sign.

Marily Monroe -Timeless beauty

I'm not sure what is this. But,look unique

I'm laughing so hard after do this pose.

Bruce Willis. The man with killer body but why he don't have hair.

Look real right?


If you love car racing/F1 then you know him.

Royal fam with two gorgeous ladies.

Kate and William

I love this!! Star Wars.But, too tired to watch the series or movie. I don't know why my hair look half blonde there..maybe because of the girl at the back?

My thoughts after visited my second Madame Tussauds?
I missed the old time with my old favorite person. Everything was exciting when you with favorite person in the world. I can't help myself here, my eyes got teary whenever I think of the good memories but I can't always think of the past. I already move on this far and I need to always move on and move up because we already decided to go on separated way. All the laughters seems like fake laughters because I don't want to feel sad in my life. I promise myself, I will never visit any Madame Tussauds anymore. I feel sad in the happy line and I hate that feeling.
I want to be sincerely happy and go very far away from the good memories that I ever made before. I want to create newest and exciting memories in this life. I'm sorry.. I am a bit emotional now. As I write this post, I crying in front of my laptop. What can I say " Move on is hardest thing I ever done in my life. Its not easy but I can do it no matter how slow I am. No matter how hurt it is, keep going and never give up!

Thank for visit and read my blog.

p/s : I'm sorry for being emotional at the end of the post.


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