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[London,UK] Parliament Square & Big Ben

Now, I am at Big Ben and Parliament Square. It just behind the Westminster Abbey so just walked for few seconds then you can see this iconic building. The night before I went to London, I am not sure which one to visit because I never know the exact location of each attractions, so I decided to just list down what I wanted to visit and if I found interesting places along the way, I will just enjoy it. Luckly, as the attractions just near to each others. So, I am beyond excited.
Enjoy the photos.
Standing here and see this famous building makes me wanna cry. This was beyond my wildest dreams.But, I wont cry in front of sea of people instead I cry when I back to hotel. Its such a great feeling that make me feel cry. Its such a long time since I cry because I am happy.

Here am I with my dreamed building to visited. Everything was dream for me.Seeing all these with my own eyes make me feel grateful of my life. I may not have such a great life like others but I have my great life on my own. I am one kind and instinct.

I always wonder what the feeling when you in the big city?
Now, I know..
I feel like I am on the top of the world..ahhaa, its such a great feeling ever... greater feeling than buying new clothes and greatest feeling than falling in love. I guess I love travelling more than falling in love with somebody..ahha. I love this travelling life. I love new things, new view and meeting new people.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
See you on next post.

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