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[London,UK] The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Hi there.
This is the second place I visited on my second day exploring London, its the Sherlock Holmes museum. For Sherlock Holmes fans, you will get excited seeing this. Actually, its a very tiny museum but inside it all the vintage items, letters from Sherlock Holmes's fan and the entrance fees is GBP15 and need to queu up as per usual. I am super sleepy(you can see in my eyes) but that cannot stop myself exploring.
Enjoy the photos and the best description of the museum.

Sherlock Holmes statue near the underground and Madame Tussauds

I wished I got wide focal length lenses so I can capture the whole view for you guys but this what I got. Busy street in the morning.

After we visited Madame Tussauds, we went for lunch and again, I ate Japanese food. The only food I can eat if I'm abroad..weird! This is in front the restaurant and Sherlock Museum just 5 min walk from here.

Baker street

I got my ticket. This is the ticket, you need to enter the shop and go to the cashier to buy the ticket.

Long queu as per usual.

If you Beatles fan,you can visit their shop here.

While waiting, just snaps around here.

 Here I present my tired and sleepy face.

Meet the "guard' of Sherlock Holmes Museum

In the museum. I think I love it so much.

Done with Sherlock Holmes museum but before that, take a snap with the guard.

Good luck all! It worth it to wait.

Need to move quick and I feel so cold and Starbuck is the good companion.

Next will be exciting places to visit.

I am not a big fan but I love it.

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