[London,UK] Soho & Oxford Street (Shopping heaven)

22 July 2015

Hi everyone~
Let continue my adventure at London city last week. Now, I will share my photo at Soho and Oxford street. These street is shopping heaven. I am so tempted to buying anything but I got another week here so I need to managed my money very well or I will go NO MONEY which is scary. So, I just enjoying window shopping and see the peoples around here. A lot of human and everyone seems have a lot of money or maybe they have many money. Not like me..ahhaha
But,I am enjoying here.

And,suprised suprised!! I ate Japanese food again when I abroad..hahahah
I love the miso soup..yummy!

I want to walk bare feet like that guys but I'm too shy..

The taxi so unique but unable to ride it because SAVE MONEY..ahha

Thank you for visit my blog!
See you next time :)

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