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[London,UK] Westminster Abbey & Red telephone box

After visited Buckingham palace, we walked to another attraction places,which is Westminster Abbey and along the way, I found the red telephone box. I always wanted to take photo with this famous telephone box.And, here am I with my photo with this famous red telephone box. We unable to enter the Westminster Abbey because we need to queu up for the ticket and we don't have time for that so just take photo of it and bought souveniers at Westminster abbey shop and move to another location.

Along the way to Westminster Abbey, the buildings here was too beautiful in my eyes. I wished I could do outfit photoshoot here everyday and share the moment with you guys. But,what can I do, I am tourist today..haha

I always see this type of flower here but I'm not sure what it is. Love it! And, it really show what summer really is. I need to be friends with flower after this..haha

The proudest face of mine..ahhaa.I'm trying my best to control my expression due to so many strangers in front of me..ahha.Take care of my image..haa

This is the Westminster Abbey.I never realized that the old building quite interesting and it give inspiration a lot. No wonder people that need inspiration go to museum or historical buildings.

I hope you like my adventure so far. Still more to come..ahhaha
Thanks for visit and read my blog!
And, next post will be Parliament Square & Big Ben.
See you on next post.

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