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[London,UK] Westminster Bridge & London Eye

Yay! I'm here at London Eye and Westminster Bridge. As per usual, I can't experience the London Eye ride due to long queu up again. A lot of people wanted to try the ride and as you can see, there alot of people waiting there. This is the challenge whenever we went to travel. For me, I love to experience it but I had very limited budget and I will be here for 2 weeks, I scared I will be run out of money which is SCARY!haha
But,its okay, I only take photo which every iconic or attractions places and enjoy the moment there for awhile and move to another locations. Life is moving fast because the time never wait you.
I read on magazine before " The moment you feel not enjoying your life for 1 minutes, you lose 60 seconds of happiness". True right?

No matter what kind of life situation you in, don't always feel ungrateful.Take a moment to be grateful and if you don't like it,you always had a chance to change it. No one will say no to you. Its you decision and its your life. Stand up for what right for ya!

Every places need to have my photo with it..hahaha. Yes, I am obsessed with myself. I love myself.

Thanks for visit and read my journey. Next will be about my favorite food. Don't be suprise when you see it..

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