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Travel DIary : Window shopping @Harrods

To be honest, I never know what is Harrods before. I swear I don't know. I thought is just street name or something but its actually luxury shopping places. When I arrived in front of the places, I feel like I don't want to enter because I feel embrassed to enter because its seems for rich people. But, since everyone enter, so I enter and I am ready to see the luxury items that probably I never have change to but.  I feel too small and feel like beggar. Everything is look beautiful and luxury. I know this was people called luxury and this is rich. 
As I getting older, I never aim to be rich instead I aim for peaceful life. I don't want to be rich because I knew myself if I got everything. I scared I will forget everything because of money. But, if that my destiny, I will make use of that to make everyone life peacefully.

When we arrived here, this is the weather..super gloomy and I knew it will raining. and , yes..its raining..

Welcome to Harrods Aya! 

What I do in Harrods? Find big mirror and take selfie..yes, I feel so brave for the sake of selfie.

I only can afford this tea.

Step out from Harrods and its raining..but I am glad its raining because I'm able to see different side of London..rainy London.

Its time to go back to reality and say bye bye to London from now.. this is Waterloo station.

In front of hotel...

Exploring London for 2 days quite surreal experience for me. As I always said " Its dream come true". I am glad that one of my dream come true and I will work hard for many of dreams that I planned and keep in my heart. I always believe, when the right timing, everything will go smoothly. 

Dream Big girls!


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