Hi everyone~
Can you believe this is my first time being here, I mean the Snow Walk and Red Carpet at i-city?haha.. I lived in Selangor for almost 4 years now and I never been here. Last time, I just went during the night and never went during the day to watch the light. After experience the day time, I think the night time is more happening and nice and it will hard to adjust the camera settings.haha. I'm suprised about the entrance fees. For snowalk, the entrance fee is RM25/person before 6pm and for the red carpet is RM35/person,quite expensive but I want my brother enjoy his travel here so I decided to enter it.
Enjoy my photos.

Travel Diary : i-city, Shah Alam | Snowalk & Red Carpet

31 August 2015

Hi everyone~
Happy holiday to all my fellow Malaysian.
Happy National Day..
Its time for outfit diary update. On Sunday, I wore my "all the time favorite" which is denim shirt, black midi skirt and lace up shoes, love them! Not to forget my trusted Sometimes handbag, you can check out their handbag here. As I always mention before, I like clothes that I can wear in many wear, just like this denim shirt. I can wore it casually and formally.
This outfit diary shooting is very special to me because it taken by my lil brother. I feel so happy for him to be here with me this holiday...

Happy long weekend everyone~
Hope you have a great time today . I have a great day today because I went cycling after 5 years and I still got the skill even though the beginning quite awkward but I'm okay at the end, I really enjoyed it. I should do it frequently now. Feeling a little hurt on my bottom ( you know what I mean) but its okay.
I wanted to share some photo from my last week outfit shooting with my friend. The same outfit but different location.
Enjoy the photos.

Can't blame girl for trying | Long weekend

29 August 2015

my country..

Two important thing in my life.
I always lived far away from home since I'm in my high school. My whole high school was staying at boarding school(sekolah berasrama) and my parent love that much because I can eat good food everyday and sleep comfortably. But, still I miss my home. Home is feeling for me. Our home may not full of love everyday as in the movie but we have each other in one house is matter.
My country is where my home is. Before I had experience to travel abroad, I always wished to live in another country for a better life, even until now, that wish still on my mind. But, this country is what we called " tanah tumpah darahku". I want to proudly tell other I am from Malaysia and everyone will have a good impression and feel want to know more about the country.But, I don't feel that way anymore. I am sad to see the current situation of my own country. Everyday I wished and pray that one day, my country will be better than now. I prayed that, one day my hometown, Sarawak will be same as Kuala Lumpur. So, everyone can pursue their own dream, get creative and feel proud where do we belong. Honestly speaking, whenever I'm back to my hometown, I feel like I went to another country. I started to compared and feel sad that my hometown is not same as where do I lived now. If my hometown like here ( KL), I will not have to lived here and stay far away from my family, I will pursue my own dream with ease at my home and have a dinner, celebrate good thing and crying together with family. Maybe, you wonder, why can move there right away?  I want, but let's get real! My dream is bigger than that.

Outfit Diary : Home | Proud to be Sarawakian

28 August 2015

Hi everyone!
Quick outfit diary update for this week.
Denim skirt and my backpack. Feeling super young when wore outfit like this. When I said feeling young, it plus jumping and laughing like crazy, people around,  thinking this is  " mad girl", I don't really care what people think about me. My happiness and life is matter.
Selamat petegu ki ca liwai la a,
un update pasal sapai de ake' un minggu ji.
Seket jean ngan beg bak. Uku teka megut de rasa oka un sapai meki pe. Oka megut teka rasa, mesti nepejuk ngan gerak uku u re. Du pepa ake pe mesti koma ake "leto gela", nta pe kisah ja.
Enjoy my fun photo/ Tega pe naat gaban ek

Outfit Diary : Denim skirt + Backpack

26 August 2015

Hi everyone!
How you doin? Hope you have a great day so far.
This week is the last week of August 2015, the time moving so fast right?  For sure, our life was so different this time last year. On the same month last year, I almost give up on this dream because of something happened to our family but luckily, I'm not giving up and here I am with my big dream in my head and work hard to make it come true.
I realized I have different style compared to last year. I'm more to minimal outfit. I'm trying to live with less. I want own less colorful outfit, less stuff on my room, less over think and less eating for sure..haha. I love minimal outfit because minimal and basic color outfit makes me feel comfortable and confident with myself. Just like this vertical lines dress, this is my second vertical lines dress.You can check the previous vertical dress style, here. Actually, I feel quilty about my outfit today because I'm not styling it differently, its look the same as previous but I change my shoes and add some accecories, so its consider different style right? 
This outfit is great for Sunday evening walk with friends at beautiful park and take some picture like me here.
Have a wonderful monday~~

Outfit Diary : Live with less

24 August 2015

Hi ladies~
This post is special made for you but don't worry my guys friend, you can read it too and remember it on your next travel solo.I been travelling solo for this past 2 years for my work-cation (work and vacation) and I learned so many great thing about how to enjoy and survived my solo travel.My first time went travel solo was in 2013 to Australia and second was New Zealand on the same year. When I think about that first time experience,  I was too afraid to go but at the same time I'm eager to go travel and see the other country and now , the chance is in front of me so "take it or go home". It natural for us to feel nervous when we about to travel alone but "fake it until I make it". Now, I am brave enough to go travel on my own and I will never stop doing that.
Without further due, let's get into the my 10 best tips for solo female travellers.

Travel Diary : My 10 best tips for solo female travellers

21 August 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone~
I'm in my "craving" mode to travel again, But, I can't go travel for this moment due to my work and no money for sure..ahaha.So, instead of travel diary post,I will share my ten travel essential and tips for single ladies travel alone (on Friday post) for this week. No outfit diary since I feeling not well on Sunday last week, so no outfit shooting..hehe.
Since the day I moved out from my village, I always eager to see outside or beyond of our world, I want to see this big big world, not only on TV but I feel it myself. My hometown will be always in my heart and it will be the beautiful places because its full of people that I loved.
I'm thankful for my current job because I have chance to travel the country that I marked on my world map, which I always carry with me all the time. I always excited and happy whenever think of my next travel places but sometime its a bit stressful because of the preparation. After travel many times, here I present my ten travel essential..haha. All this stuff must bring on my travel. I hope it will help you on your next travel. But, this may different depending from your lifestyles and professions.

Travel Diary : My ten travel essential

19 August 2015

Hi everyone!
For today post, I want to show the other side of me. The "dark side" of Keriitleto aka Aya. I never do this kind of make up before and this is the darkest lipstick I ever try. My friend introduced me to this purple lipstick from Revlon and I love it when the first time I saw it but I don't dare to buy it directly because I need to think what kind of shoot I should do for that lipstick. I knew, I wont wear this kind of lipstick in public unless I feel super brave that day.And, the choker is back. I remember during my primary school, I saw my sister wore this ( I don't know which sister because I had 4 sisters), I secretly trying it that time and I love it. But, then its out of trend and now, its back again and  this time, I am able to try it.I can't wait to wear it in public ( I can't wear this in public yet because I can't find the suitable outfit and location). I hope I can find it soon.
And, enjoy the photos. I always wished I got more than 24h after work so I learned and improve faster on my photography.

Outfit Diary : Darkest | Choker

17 August 2015

Happy Sunday everyone!
There a lot of insecurity I have in my life, one of it is my body. I hate everything about it.Some of my friends said " I look fine on photo", yes, I am because of the posing trick. I need to take a lot of photo and take time to choose which one is the one I look slimmer because nobody like to see the "fat" girl trying so hard to posing,right? I don't mean to be offensive but this is reality. I don't blame anyone for make myself this biggest now, the one that make my body like this is myself. I ate too much unhealthy food, I was trying to make myself as fat as I can since 2012 and that dream come true now.And, now I wanna back to healthy and better me. because I have different kind of dream now. But, to go toward that is not easy, I need to be determined and work hardest for it.

Outfit Diary : Determination

16 August 2015

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm sure you feel so happy today. Finally the weekend is here. But for me, I still need to work tomorrow.I'm not sure whether I should feel grateful or what?! But, I choose to be grateful for the moment I working for this job. Actually, I have two plan for this Saturday, one is attend the event for blogger and go to see KLFW from a far at Pavillion. But, need to cancel it because I don't want to over commited for this moment, I need to make living too. Speaking of KLFW, I'm feel so tiny and super tiny when see the photo from KLFW. I am too far to achieve that thing yet still dreaming of it.Sometime feel wanna give up but I don't want to die not to try it. 
"Dream big and dare to do it"
This qoute haunting me now..haha, Everyday I wished, one day I will attend the fashion week in my life, I wanna feel it and enjoy it (dreaming mode now).Okay, lets talk about outfit now. Its just one week and I missed my vertical lines shirt already..ahaha. On my previous post,I wore it with skirt and this time, I wore it with my favorite olive green pant. This look great for casual work and strolling in the park after long day at work or for casual smart weekend. 
What do you think of this pairing? 

Outfit Diary : Missing you today

14 August 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Its middle of 2nd week of August 2015 already? Oh man..!! I feel like my time getting shorter and shorter now and sometime,  I can't open my eyes properly because I push myself to do what I love, sleep become the second priority. I have a lot of Keriitleto project to finish up ( wedding planner, DIY-ing, outfit shoot plan and improvement on my photography skills) and not to forget my main job, I have a lot to settle plus life dilemma as always. But, I love busy life and I feel alive by being so busy. Sometime, I sleep 3 hours per day because I am too passionate about my own project especially Keriitleto Project. I've so many plan and to do list and the time will reveal all.
For today outfit diary, I wore this simple t-shirt with my black skinny jeans for work. I love simple t-shirt with some beautiful illustration on it. I feel like it give me inspiration and give life to my outfits.
Enjoy the photos.

Outfit Diary : Single word that can open heart | KLFW 2015

12 August 2015

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Shop : Flower Crown | Purple

11 August 2015

Happy Monday everyone!
How's your Monday? I hope everything went smoothly so far.
I want to share what I wore at Church yesterday, its super simple but I love it!
I think you may realized, its very rare for me to wear color other than black,grey,blue,white on my blog, its not I don't like experiment but I feel wanna stick with my favorite color. But, today, I feel a little bit wanna feel bright..haha,soI try towear something bright like this one, I think this is coral or orange and red mixed together.
What do you think of this color on me?
Should I wore more bright color?

Outfit Diary : Something bright | Change is hard

10 August 2015

Happy Friday everyone!
Hope you feel happy on this day. I am the happiest when finally Friday because I can fully focus on my passion. Maybe you curious, what is my passion? Is it to become a model since I"m posing a lot  in front of camera? Totally NO my friends, I never had that dream.I am shorter girl and don't dare to dream of that. Posing a lot in front of camera it doesn't mean you want to become a model. I just love take my photo with my favorite clothes that I styled myself and bought with my own money. I feel proud of what I am wearing and become brave to wear anything with my own body type.
So, what is my passion? what is my forgotten first love?

Outfit Diary : Make today amazing | The forgotten first love

07 August 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Seems like I'm not over vertical lines yet..haha. To be honest, I am someone that tend to fall in love with the same thing everytime. Just like this vertical lines thing. I just love it! As I said before, this year, I will go for minimalist outfits because I feel clean and organized( evil laugh). My focus on this outfits is the vertical lines t-shirts. It can be worn in so many ways. This time, I pairing it with midi skirt. This look is great for work or for any formal event that you attend. I wore this outfit for work
(minus the heels, I wont wore heels for work, just flat shoes). But, here I wore heels because I want look taller (this is every short girl dreams). 
What do you usually wear for work?

Outfit Diary : Just another..vertical lines

05 August 2015

Hi everyone!
Its the first Sunday of August 2015 and  I feel so blessed because I met so many wonderful people today especially my cousins, my nephews, nieces and my grandchilds(yes, I am grandmother already). Its so good to meet them again after so long. Its amazing feeling ever.
For my outfit diary today, I wore my easy dress with my on the go cardigan to church today. The dress a little bit sheer so I wore the cardigan on top of it. For pear shaped kind of girl, sometime its so hard for me to find dress that fit me very well. For this dress, its fit perfectly on my body but to be honest, its so hard to wear it because its too tight on the chest area and I need to really pull it down to wear it..I almost tear the dress but lucky me it fit perfectly after hard work.

Outfit Diary : Vertical lines | Blissful Day

02 August 2015

My last post for Travel Diary : London
I miss London or UK so badly now..but no matter how I miss it, I need to back to reality. Malaysia is my reality and UK is my dream.
After this I need to really move on from this travel.
Welcome August 2015!
time moving so fast right?? I still feel like I cannot catch up but need to trying to catch up again..arghhh~. Without further due, enjoy my photos from my last day at London especially airport.

Travel Diary : London ~ KL | Back to reality

01 August 2015

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