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Can't blame girl for trying | Long weekend


Happy long weekend everyone~
Hope you have a great time today . I have a great day today because I went cycling after 5 years and I still got the skill even though the beginning quite awkward but I'm okay at the end, I really enjoyed it. I should do it frequently now. Feeling a little hurt on my bottom ( you know what I mean) but its okay.
I wanted to share some photo from my last week outfit shooting with my friend. The same outfit but different location.
Enjoy the photos.

In my life now, there only 5 things I want to trying my best because I'm passionate about it.
 1. My main job
 I tried my best to be the good one because I invested my 6 years for studying the engineering stuffs. This is how make living. So, I'll try my best on this.

2. Fashion/style passion 
Start small because I totally no official knowledge about it but its always my passion so I gonna try it. I usually do my outfit shooting on Sunday evening. I'll bring three outfits and change it inside my car or nearby toilet. I'm thankful for my friend, she really supportive and I want to be supportive in her life too. 

3. Photography 
 I wanted to capture every beautiful potrait in my life and other people life. I still try my best to learn to be one.

 4.Wedding planner 
Weirdest thing to try..haha but I wanna try my best on this. I'm in the middle of this now.

5. Keriitleto
Try my best to make keriitleto as well known brand and people will know about it.

I've a lot of passion for this moment. I wanted to try all these and I hope I can experience it very well and success on it. So, you can try anything that you always wanted to do in your life as well, don't be shy, just try it!


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