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Outfit Diary : Darkest | Choker


Hi everyone!
For today post, I want to show the other side of me. The "dark side" of Keriitleto aka Aya. I never do this kind of make up before and this is the darkest lipstick I ever try. My friend introduced me to this purple lipstick from Revlon and I love it when the first time I saw it but I don't dare to buy it directly because I need to think what kind of shoot I should do for that lipstick. I knew, I wont wear this kind of lipstick in public unless I feel super brave that day.And, the choker is back. I remember during my primary school, I saw my sister wore this ( I don't know which sister because I had 4 sisters), I secretly trying it that time and I love it. But, then its out of trend and now, its back again and  this time, I am able to try it.I can't wait to wear it in public ( I can't wear this in public yet because I can't find the suitable outfit and location). I hope I can find it soon.
And, enjoy the photos. I always wished I got more than 24h after work so I learned and improve faster on my photography.

This is the biggest challenge of having long hair..mine super dry now but resist to chop it because I am so tempted to chop it super short now.

Messy hair don't care.

The red nails goes well with this darkest concept..phew!!

As per usual, thank very much for visit my blog.
And, what do you think of this look? 


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