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Outfit Diary : Denim shirt + modified skirt | Lil brother


Hi everyone~
Happy holiday to all my fellow Malaysian.
Happy National Day..
Its time for outfit diary update. On Sunday, I wore my "all the time favorite" which is denim shirt, black midi skirt and lace up shoes, love them! Not to forget my trusted Sometimes handbag, you can check out their handbag here. As I always mention before, I like clothes that I can wear in many wear, just like this denim shirt. I can wore it casually and formally.
This outfit diary shooting is very special to me because it taken by my lil brother. I feel so happy for him to be here with me this holiday...

 We never really spend time together in our life, I mean we never go to travel together so now, the time is here so its time for sister-brother travel. Hopefully, next time I can host sister-sisters travel with my sisters. 
If your sibling around you now, don't take it for granted. Spend time,laughing together, eat good food and of course, learn each other story.
Enjoy my photos.

This is my long hair for this week. I love it but take care of it is always hard.

What do you think of this pairing?
nah or yay?

Thank you very much for visit and read my blog.
This long weekend, don't forget to spend your time with your family and make a good time.

Hope to see you here again next time for another fun post ( post)


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