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Outfit Diary : Denim skirt + Backpack


Hi everyone!
Quick outfit diary update for this week.
Denim skirt and my backpack. Feeling super young when wore outfit like this. When I said feeling young, it plus jumping and laughing like crazy, people around,  thinking this is  " mad girl", I don't really care what people think about me. My happiness and life is matter.
Selamat petegu ki ca liwai la a,
un update pasal sapai de ake' un minggu ji.
Seket jean ngan beg bak. Uku teka megut de rasa oka un sapai meki pe. Oka megut teka rasa, mesti nepejuk ngan gerak uku u re. Du pepa ake pe mesti koma ake "leto gela", nta pe kisah ja.
Enjoy my fun photo/ Tega pe naat gaban ek

Note: Goshh..its super hard to write in my own language. I will try my best to write in Kenyah language from now on because I love my language and I don't it to be dissappear. To my fellow Kenyah, please correct and support me to write in Kenyah.

The fun part is here. I love to request my friend to take my photo like this..feeling candid but not really.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Have a nice day ahead.


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