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Outfit Diary : Determination

Happy Sunday everyone!
There a lot of insecurity I have in my life, one of it is my body. I hate everything about it.Some of my friends said " I look fine on photo", yes, I am because of the posing trick. I need to take a lot of photo and take time to choose which one is the one I look slimmer because nobody like to see the "fat" girl trying so hard to posing,right? I don't mean to be offensive but this is reality. I don't blame anyone for make myself this biggest now, the one that make my body like this is myself. I ate too much unhealthy food, I was trying to make myself as fat as I can since 2012 and that dream come true now.And, now I wanna back to healthy and better me. because I have different kind of dream now. But, to go toward that is not easy, I need to be determined and work hardest for it.
I always wear midi skirt because my butt is the big insecurity of mine. I just hate it when I wore pant or short pant. I just immediately hate myself when seeing myself struggling to wear my favorite skinny jeans or favorite pant. I am quite lucky this past year because midi skirt is in trend so its look "in" whenever I wear it.Honestly, I love to wear pant and short pant especially in this humid country. 


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"Never give up!"

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