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my country..

Two important thing in my life.
I always lived far away from home since I'm in my high school. My whole high school was staying at boarding school(sekolah berasrama) and my parent love that much because I can eat good food everyday and sleep comfortably. But, still I miss my home. Home is feeling for me. Our home may not full of love everyday as in the movie but we have each other in one house is matter.
My country is where my home is. Before I had experience to travel abroad, I always wished to live in another country for a better life, even until now, that wish still on my mind. But, this country is what we called " tanah tumpah darahku". I want to proudly tell other I am from Malaysia and everyone will have a good impression and feel want to know more about the country.But, I don't feel that way anymore. I am sad to see the current situation of my own country. Everyday I wished and pray that one day, my country will be better than now. I prayed that, one day my hometown, Sarawak will be same as Kuala Lumpur. So, everyone can pursue their own dream, get creative and feel proud where do we belong. Honestly speaking, whenever I'm back to my hometown, I feel like I went to another country. I started to compared and feel sad that my hometown is not same as where do I lived now. If my hometown like here ( KL), I will not have to lived here and stay far away from my family, I will pursue my own dream with ease at my home and have a dinner, celebrate good thing and crying together with family. Maybe, you wonder, why can move there right away?  I want, but let's get real! My dream is bigger than that.

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