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Outfit Diary : Just another..vertical lines

05 August 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Seems like I'm not over vertical lines yet..haha. To be honest, I am someone that tend to fall in love with the same thing everytime. Just like this vertical lines thing. I just love it! As I said before, this year, I will go for minimalist outfits because I feel clean and organized( evil laugh). My focus on this outfits is the vertical lines t-shirts. It can be worn in so many ways. This time, I pairing it with midi skirt. This look is great for work or for any formal event that you attend. I wore this outfit for work
(minus the heels, I wont wore heels for work, just flat shoes). But, here I wore heels because I want look taller (this is every short girl dreams). 
What do you usually wear for work?

I think you guy already overload with this statement necklaces. I wore it with every outfit if possible. She is my trusty accecories now.

Sleepy eyes 

Grumpy face..hahha, its soo humid.That's how we roll..haha

Let's play with this small fountain.

When you feel life is hard, take a look at skies and remember, God always be there for you,us. Don't feel discourage during hard time but always pray.

Funny story here, I'm having fun in front of this fountain, I laughing and jumping around like a happy kids here with the heels and suddenly "they" stopped it, maybe they can't stand to see me having fun..ahaaa

I love what I'm doing now.
I love my blog and I love myself even more.
I'm having fun with this crazy life.

Thanks for visit and read my blog!
Hope to see you again and wishing you best Wednesday.

Outfit Details :
T-Shirt : H&M
Skirt : Seed
Heels : Vincci
Necklace : Forever21

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