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Outfit Diary : Live with less


Hi everyone!
How you doin? Hope you have a great day so far.
This week is the last week of August 2015, the time moving so fast right?  For sure, our life was so different this time last year. On the same month last year, I almost give up on this dream because of something happened to our family but luckily, I'm not giving up and here I am with my big dream in my head and work hard to make it come true.
I realized I have different style compared to last year. I'm more to minimal outfit. I'm trying to live with less. I want own less colorful outfit, less stuff on my room, less over think and less eating for sure..haha. I love minimal outfit because minimal and basic color outfit makes me feel comfortable and confident with myself. Just like this vertical lines dress, this is my second vertical lines dress.You can check the previous vertical dress style, here. Actually, I feel quilty about my outfit today because I'm not styling it differently, its look the same as previous but I change my shoes and add some accecories, so its consider different style right? 
This outfit is great for Sunday evening walk with friends at beautiful park and take some picture like me here.
Have a wonderful monday~~

*For the outfit shooting purpose, I wore my block heels so I can look taller lah..haha

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Thank you very much!

Love ya,

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