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Outfit Diary : Make today amazing | The forgotten first love


Happy Friday everyone!
Hope you feel happy on this day. I am the happiest when finally Friday because I can fully focus on my passion. Maybe you curious, what is my passion? Is it to become a model since I"m posing a lot  in front of camera? Totally NO my friends, I never had that dream.I am shorter girl and don't dare to dream of that. Posing a lot in front of camera it doesn't mean you want to become a model. I just love take my photo with my favorite clothes that I styled myself and bought with my own money. I feel proud of what I am wearing and become brave to wear anything with my own body type.
So, what is my passion? what is my forgotten first love?

My big passion since I'm in my high school is to be fashion designer, so I can design and  "playing" with pretty clothes everyday.I started to have this big dream when I transferred to technical school at Bintulu town, I'm so interested on fashion magazine. On the magazine, I saw pretty clothes that I never see before and since then, its become my first love. I wanted to design and wear pretty clothes everyday. But, for kampung/countryside girl like me,its so hard for me to fulfill that dream because my family financial will be never can support me on this uncertain dream and two, its too risky for my future too.So, for a better future, I took course engineering field. I am not really good but I tried my best everyday and its make me I forget my first love.And, now I'm working and sometime I'm free on my weekend so I think its the best time for me to working on my "first love". It maybe not to be fashion designer but I wanted to be in the fashion industry as a fashion blogger, I remember one quotes " Blog your dream" and I started my blog because of that. I try hard to make the dream come true and work toward it. The progress may very slow but I totally fine with that. I will never give up on my first love again. 
I wrote such a long post today..
and now, back to outfit. I wore this amazing t-shirt with the midi skirt again. I just love the midi skirt. It can hide my big hips very well. Tips: If you have big hips, always choose the A line skirt and if you dare, try the pencil skirt ( which I never wear), you'll look gorgeous and sexy lady.

This is how I wore to work. Just my flat sandals and I am look short..haha but I love it!

Thanks for visit and read my long post today.
I hope you love it and feel inspired to pursue your "first love". If you lived in your "first love" now, I'm glad and proud of you can make it since the day your fall in love with it.
If you just like me, go for that dream and work hard to make it come true.
What's your secret passion?


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