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Outfit Diary : Missing you today


Happy Friday everyone!
I'm sure you feel so happy today. Finally the weekend is here. But for me, I still need to work tomorrow.I'm not sure whether I should feel grateful or what?! But, I choose to be grateful for the moment I working for this job. Actually, I have two plan for this Saturday, one is attend the event for blogger and go to see KLFW from a far at Pavillion. But, need to cancel it because I don't want to over commited for this moment, I need to make living too. Speaking of KLFW, I'm feel so tiny and super tiny when see the photo from KLFW. I am too far to achieve that thing yet still dreaming of it.Sometime feel wanna give up but I don't want to die not to try it. 
"Dream big and dare to do it"
This qoute haunting me now..haha, Everyday I wished, one day I will attend the fashion week in my life, I wanna feel it and enjoy it (dreaming mode now).Okay, lets talk about outfit now. Its just one week and I missed my vertical lines shirt already..ahaha. On my previous post,I wore it with skirt and this time, I wore it with my favorite olive green pant. This look great for casual work and strolling in the park after long day at work or for casual smart weekend. 
What do you think of this pairing? 

These photo was taken last week by my friend, Cath ( I'm thankful for her for always help me on my outfit shooting)

I realized that I am too lazy for "fancy" hairstyles now. Need to be hardworking on hairstyles now.

My last photo with this heels as its already torn out..huhu

My life is uncertainty. I don't know what will be tomorrow look like or what will be my future like. I always tried my best to think positive and plan something great for future even though I'm not sure it going to work or not. For me, life is not about feel secure about tomorrow but my life is about trusting God to be there for me everytime and trusting myself that I can do it.

August the patriotic month for Malaysian but why I don't feel that way for this moment. I love Malaysia because its where I belong but I hate the people that ruined their own land because of money.

Looking at my photo now make me have another "war" with my body. I don't blame my body getting bigger and bigger everyday, I blamed myself for eating too much and lazy to exercise. I should change my eating habit and lifestyle if I really want to see change on my body and life. Change will be not easy but I will try my hardest on this again ( I said this for countless time now), I always fail to do so. Hopefully, I am determined to be greater me in the next few months before 2015 end.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Hope to see you next time! and, if you have any comment, please share your comment below.


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