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Outfit Diary : Single word that can open heart | KLFW 2015

12 August 2015

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Its middle of 2nd week of August 2015 already? Oh man..!! I feel like my time getting shorter and shorter now and sometime,  I can't open my eyes properly because I push myself to do what I love, sleep become the second priority. I have a lot of Keriitleto project to finish up ( wedding planner, DIY-ing, outfit shoot plan and improvement on my photography skills) and not to forget my main job, I have a lot to settle plus life dilemma as always. But, I love busy life and I feel alive by being so busy. Sometime, I sleep 3 hours per day because I am too passionate about my own project especially Keriitleto Project. I've so many plan and to do list and the time will reveal all.
For today outfit diary, I wore this simple t-shirt with my black skinny jeans for work. I love simple t-shirt with some beautiful illustration on it. I feel like it give me inspiration and give life to my outfits.
Enjoy the photos.

One thing that I learned from my church last week was your word is very important. One single word can really change the situation of somebody life. I always tried to take care of my words ( but when I am with my close friends and colleagues, I feel like I can't say proper words to them, I always said something bad in funny way but I never mean to hurt them, I just want to feel connected..ahhaa). Always remember, every words that come from your mouth must be blessing to others. Let's try again to speak proper words, never give up!

I wore that long cardigan when the rainy day or windy day. For the normal day, I will wore just the t-shirt and jeans.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
For the fashion lover, maybe you guys already aware that KLFW (Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week) already started today. I always wish to attend the fashion week but for now, lets enjoy the feed from lucky people that can attend it and wish plus work hard again so I can attend it next year (uhh..yeahh).

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