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Outfit Diary : Something bright | Change is hard


Happy Monday everyone!
How's your Monday? I hope everything went smoothly so far.
I want to share what I wore at Church yesterday, its super simple but I love it!
I think you may realized, its very rare for me to wear color other than black,grey,blue,white on my blog, its not I don't like experiment but I feel wanna stick with my favorite color. But, today, I feel a little bit wanna feel bright..haha,soI try towear something bright like this one, I think this is coral or orange and red mixed together.
What do you think of this color on me?
Should I wore more bright color?

I'm not used to wear bright color so I'm afraid to go over with my outfit so I add the minimal outfits.

I love the dress with pocket because I can rest my hands on it for my posing..hehe

 See, still the hands in my pocket pose.

My proud moment with my longest hair in my life..I just love it!

This super minimal sandals was my favorite for this moment..

Watching the sunset with friend was the greatest thing I ever done in this life.

Here the sunset,gorgeous right? I can't go to beach so I watch the sunse from here.

The view surrounding my outfit shooting today. I love tall building surround with nature element like water, tree and pretty sky.

And, time to piggin'( just like I always do), its time for Oreo Mcflurry..yumm!

Messy hair dont care, as long as I can eat this yummehhh!

Trying to posing nicely but I forgot to remove my Oreo Mcflurry at the back..haha

Here is my love..

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
I want to share regarding some change that I want to make in my life for this moment.
1. Become morning person - This is the hardest so far,but I will never give up.
2. Eat healthy - This also but trying my best,not to eat junk food frequently.

Change always hard to do in this life because I am in my comfort zone but it will be easier when I try so hard. If you willing to make change, you can always do it.

I hope to see you next time. I will post outfit diary every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have any comment, you always can comment below.
if you like, you can follow me on Instagram (@keriitleto) for my daily update on anything I love.

Thanks and God bless you.

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