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Outfit Diary : Vertical lines | Blissful Day

Hi everyone!
Its the first Sunday of August 2015 and  I feel so blessed because I met so many wonderful people today especially my cousins, my nephews, nieces and my grandchilds(yes, I am grandmother already). Its so good to meet them again after so long. Its amazing feeling ever.
For my outfit diary today, I wore my easy dress with my on the go cardigan to church today. The dress a little bit sheer so I wore the cardigan on top of it. For pear shaped kind of girl, sometime its so hard for me to find dress that fit me very well. For this dress, its fit perfectly on my body but to be honest, its so hard to wear it because its too tight on the chest area and I need to really pull it down to wear it..I almost tear the dress but lucky me it fit perfectly after hard work.

I love the dress match with the cardigan because its shout ME! This is my style..haha, I love the vertical line print because its make illusion I look slimmer and I added a little necklace for accecories to make my outfit have a little bit fun. This year,  I aimed for minimal outfit and I think, I will not welcome any bright and bold color. I will just stick with basic color. I just love to be minimalist in everything.

I don't know why I can't open my eyes properly whenever I take photo eyes always want to close..

 To be honest, I always feel that "I am too fat on this and that", yes, I admit I am little fat because I am not exercising so I don't blame anybody. But, I won't let all the FAT quit my dream, never!

My long hair. I need to keep it until this Christmas 2015 and enjoy my Christmas with it and early next year, I will cut it (maybe...)

No matter what happen in your life, go through it with smile. Its not easy to smile during hard time but that what you can do while praying for God for the strong heart. Don't ever give up!

Wearing lace up shoes was my dream.. its seems small dream to anyone, I mean you can get it whenever you want but for me, need to save for it to get it and need the really good for ya. There 3 option color for this lace up shoes at Cotton On (Rubies Shoes), black, nude and royal blue. I love that 3 color but need to decided wisely.So, I choose nude because its gonna match with any of my outfits.

I am not a fan of heavy make up and no make up face..I love to be in the middle. Heavy make up will hide your true beauty and no make up will show your not perfect face. Just a little make up to cover all the unperfect skin is me and bright lips is perfect for me. 

After I travelled abroad, I feel like I appreciate the sun more than before. But, I just hate the humidity..make me feel uncomfortable. I wished the humidity is low as possible and I can enjoy myself under the sun.

Thank you very much for take your time to read my blog. 
Wishing you happy Monday!


Outfit Details:
Dress : H&M
Cardigan : H&M
Shoes : Rubies Shoes (Cotton On)
Necklace : Cotton On
Bangle : MoniKL
Handbag : Sometimes by Asian Designer

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