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Travel Diary : London ~ KL | Back to reality


My last post for Travel Diary : London
I miss London or UK so badly now..but no matter how I miss it, I need to back to reality. Malaysia is my reality and UK is my dream.
After this I need to really move on from this travel.
Welcome August 2015!
time moving so fast right?? I still feel like I cannot catch up but need to trying to catch up again..arghhh~. Without further due, enjoy my photos from my last day at London especially airport.

Before check out, let's take another officially say goodbye.

The moment I arrived at airport, its sunny day and feel so good to see sun again and this beautiful skies.

Since I arrived early, so I sit outside with my book, listen to my favorite songs and have a great time with sun and view.

My lunch time, I ate sandwich and orange juice.

My ladies that always be there for me.

I will be okay on my own as long as this skies stay blue and gorgeous.

At one moment, suddenly the skies turn to grey and gloomy..arghhh

Its time for checkin and wait game start..

My true friends, coffee and book..

While waiting, this two guys showing up and they look cute though..

While I am waiting outside, this little bird accompany me..because I eat my dorito..


Thats all for London Travel Diary.. I'm going miss this...

Thanks for visit and read my over-excited post everytime..haha
I feel so excited to share my happy experience whenever I travelled. Travel alone anywhere in this world and never stop doing that no matter what is my dreams.
Time for give thanks to everyone that makes this dream come true, I believe this dream will not come true without everyone support.

To my bosses ( I hope you guys never read this), thanks for trusting me,

To my lovely friends, Marina..thanks for helping me alot.
To my family, thanks for listening to my over worried and thanks for asking my news every day, I love you guys more than anything. 
To my all friends that asking where am I this time, I went to London for my work-cation ( work + vacation). Since I am on the topic, I went to London by myself for my work and I am lucky I have weekend here so I went to London. This is my biggest dream, travel to Europe on my own.
To girls, you can travel by your own and sometime, we need to lean on ourselves more than lean on others. You can do it, yes, you can! I still alive now and can't wait for next travel experience.

Thanks everyone for read my blog.

For full acces of my London Travel Diary, you can visit this page and click each of places name.



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