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Travel Diary : My 10 best tips for solo female travellers

Hi ladies~
This post is special made for you but don't worry my guys friend, you can read it too and remember it on your next travel solo.I been travelling solo for this past 2 years for my work-cation (work and vacation) and I learned so many great thing about how to enjoy and survived my solo travel.My first time went travel solo was in 2013 to Australia and second was New Zealand on the same year. When I think about that first time experience,  I was too afraid to go but at the same time I'm eager to go travel and see the other country and now , the chance is in front of me so "take it or go home". It natural for us to feel nervous when we about to travel alone but "fake it until I make it". Now, I am brave enough to go travel on my own and I will never stop doing that.
Without further due, let's get into the my 10 best tips for solo female travellers.

1. You will be alright, don't think too much
The night before my 1st travelling solo was nerve wracking. I can't sleep soundly because I am worry about tomorrow.But, I have learned that "Don't worry about tomorrow' and tell yourself
"I will be alright, don't worry, lets do this!!, I can do it!"

2. Stay at hotel or places that have a lot of good reviews
For the hotel, if you booking by yourself, always choose the hotel that have a lot of good reviews. You can find the good review hotel on, traveladvisor and some of the good travel website or you can ask from you friend that have been there before.
 Don't forget to do research before booking the hotel.

3. Photostat or take photo of your important documents
 This is must do. Before I went travel, I will photoshat my passport, itinery, hotel booking details and list of important phone numbers and I even check for Malaysian Embassy address and number for each country I visited.All this documents keep it on your luggage. If you feel this way is inconvieniece for you,you can take photo of all your important document and back up on Dropbox.
But, still I recommend have a hard copy because anytime your phone can be low battery or something wrong might happen.For the sake of your safety, print it and keep it.

4.Travel during the day as possible
Never ever go anywhere at late night. We're girls so anything can happen to us if we wonder on the road at late night. If you feel like wanna see the night view, make sure the places have many people and the road is not empty.Please be extra careful. 

5.Stay in touch on Social Media
Sometime, I feel alone whenever I travel solo but thanks to Social Media, I never feel like that anymore. My sisters always contacted me whenever possible and I keep updating to her  whenever I went to. Please avoid do "live" check in whenever you go to any places. For me, I always do the check in on my Facebook after I leave that shop or places.And, of course, share a lot of photo like below.Big forehead in action.

6. Wear a fake wedding ring
This tips sound funny but I always do this. I will bring my simple rings(look like a gold rings but its fake gold) and wear it whenever I went out. Sometime, there strangers asked me "who you travel with? I said "with my husband" and sometime they asked "why you walk alone then?", I will said " my husband went to buy something and I'm waiting for him"..sometime its hard to pretend but need to. 

7.Leave the sign "Do not disturb" whenever you leave the hotel room
I never want anybody disturb my room whenever I went travel. If I stayed there for 2 weeks, I will clean it by myself. I don't anybody see my room.Beside, I always afraid, there will be someone on my room if I let they clean it (who knows,right?)

8. Have your handwritten hotel address with you all the times
Some of country I been, the taxi drivers cannot read English words, they only can read their language.So, I will asked the receiptionest to write the hotel address for me in their language so easy for the taxi driver to read.

9. Be cautious with your belonging
Whenever I went travel, I realized that I become organized people. My handbag will be never messy as usual. Everything will be always in place and I will zipped my handbag everytime. Always take care of your belonging. I always put some money, my important card on my pant's pocket and some of the address there too, in case of anything happen.If you bring your camera, please take care more! If possible, don't use the official strap, to avoid people to stealing it.

10. If you get lost, don't look at your phone maps in the middle of street
I always get lost in the new city but I tried to pretend whenever I lost. I will walked straight until I found someone that I trust for example, the policeman or the shop owner. Please avoid to ask direction from people that wondering on the street and look dangerous! You can ask anyone but use your common sense here.

Thanks for reading and I hope it will help you for you next solo travel. 
My advise, "Don't be afraid to travel alone, its very good experience".
 You will learn many thing about yourself and come back home with fresh mind.
For my solo travel experience and photo, you can check below;
New Zealand

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