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Travel Diary : My ten travel essential

Happy Wednesday everyone~
I'm in my "craving" mode to travel again, But, I can't go travel for this moment due to my work and no money for sure..ahaha.So, instead of travel diary post,I will share my ten travel essential and tips for single ladies travel alone (on Friday post) for this week. No outfit diary since I feeling not well on Sunday last week, so no outfit shooting..hehe.
Since the day I moved out from my village, I always eager to see outside or beyond of our world, I want to see this big big world, not only on TV but I feel it myself. My hometown will be always in my heart and it will be the beautiful places because its full of people that I loved.
I'm thankful for my current job because I have chance to travel the country that I marked on my world map, which I always carry with me all the time. I always excited and happy whenever think of my next travel places but sometime its a bit stressful because of the preparation. After travel many times, here I present my ten travel essential..haha. All this stuff must bring on my travel. I hope it will help you on your next travel. But, this may different depending from your lifestyles and professions.

My smartphone (obviously)

This one very obvious. Honestly, I can't live without my smartphone whenever I went to travel.I always travel alone so my smartphone is my best friend. I went anywhere with the guidance of my maps on my smartphone, I makes memories with her too. I am glad I'm bravely investing on iphone 6 ( I called her "baby dream", what a name!). I can take super pretty photo even using the front camera, which I love. Before I went to travel. I always downloaded any useful apps to my smartphone before I went to travel, maybe I should share with you guys about this next time right?ahh.. don't forget buy your power bank. I know the good quality one, the SONY Power bank. Its work very well.

A favorite tee(s)

I am a tee kind of girl ( I don't know this is correct or not), but I wearing tee anytime. When I went to travel, I sometime can't predict the weather at country I visited, I can't trust 100% the source from internet ( some of it is correct but sometime not).And, I always travel for work and I got free time on weekend so I need to bring some of casual clothes for my weekend. Tips what tee to bring? Always bring the basic color because it will be match with your pairing and environment of country you visit too.But, one thing I don't like of bring tee is its wrinkle a lot so when you packing, roll it to reduce the wrinkle.

Reliable Cardigan

I love to called my cardigan as "reliable cardigan" because it can be worn anywhere and anytime you want. I always bring one whenever I went to travel because maybe the weather will be cold or if not, you can wear it as cover up whenever the night got chilly and windy.Tips : If your bag already full but you need to bring the cardigan, you can always wear it on flight because I always feel the flight soo cold. So you can save space of your luggage.

A flattering and comfortable pants

I always prefer wearing pant whenever I went travel, its more convienience and easy to walk too. I am not saying wearing skirt is no, you can wear it depends on you. For me, I always bring this 4 pant whenever I went travel, the reason is they in different color shade so I can see different color everytime I wore my pant.

 Denim shirt

This one is MUST for me. I can wear it as a shirt and make it as a jacket for another outfit.Beside the color is my favorite and quite thick too, so can wear when weather get cold at night. You should invest one denim shirt, it totally worth it.

 Toiletries+ Toner+Concealer+Make up basic ( not in photo)

Obviously, must bring but need to remember, if you toiletries in big size, please check in with your luggage, don't hand carry.Tips : If you bring your perfume, put it under your rolled shirt/pant. It will be safe there.

Trusty handbag

Talking about this little girl. I recently purchase this handbag from Sometimes Bag by Asian Designer and I totally love it. I can put as much as I want and it still in strong condition but my shoulder feel painful.This bag is roomy, which I love!

My 4 must in my handbag
Power bank
MP3 layer + Camera
Compact powder + Lips balm + Oil Control film

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Hope this post can help you on your next packing.
If you have other tips, you can share with me via comment below.
Don't forget to follow me on Instagram(@keriitleto) for daily update and see you on Friday for Post : tips for Single ladies to travel alone.

See you next time.


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