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Quick guide to buy comfy sneakers | Sneakers girls

Hi there~
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To be honest, I am flat shoes or sandals kind of girl, I wore that two with my outfits almost every time.And, sometime I wore heels,if I wanna look taller because I am short girl.I never brave enough to wear sneakers with the dress. If I wore it with pants, I feel acceptable.But,this time I trying something totally different, I wore this comfy and "cool" sneakers with my navy shirtdress and its feel awesome!!! I feel so comfortable and confident with my experiement..ahha, I will wear it with more feminin outfit next time.Before that, I wanna share quick guide to buy comfy sneakers(based on my own experience, hope it can help you!).
Guide#1:Never purchase a sneakers first thing in the morning.
As I remember, I never buy a sneakers or shoes in the morning, I always purchase it at the end of the day of my shopping day because I believe,at that time my feet already become "bigger" than in the morning.So, my feet will fit very well on the shoes.
Guide#2:Try it and its feel good,get it!
I read somewhere before, the sneakers won't strecth like a heels. When I bought my this white sneakers last time, I immediately feel good when trying and walking with it so I bought it and until now, it never fail me.
Guide#3 : Wear or bring your usual kind of socks
If you plan to buy new sneakers,its better for you to be ready from home by wearing your old sneakers with your usual socks type you wearing. When try the new sneakers with that socks,you will find the right size because the thickness of that socks will add half size of your foot.
Enjoy my photos with my comfy sneakers.

Why do I love sneakers?
I feel comfortable when walk and I feel myself..finally! And, I will never wore my sneakers without socks. Here, I wore my sneakers with hide socks.
My proud/shy/showing off my super long hair ( I always bragging about my hair in every post now..haha), I just love my long hair.

No matter what style you love,go for it! Don't be shy to be different because being different is awesome. I always being different than others since I get out from my village/kampung, I mean different in term of my religion, my ethnics, my language and my look. Previously,I never appreciate that before but now, I really embracing that differences because I am KERIITLETO.I don't want to be same Kenyah girls, I will make different in a good way and you can make your way too.Just one thing you need to remember, don't forget where you come from and never forget GOD is bigger than your dreams.

Before I end the post, have you read my previous blog post? Its all about "Church is not fashion show",you can check the post here. You can check my personal opinion regarding this and hope you can respond about that important topic too.
And, BIG thanks for someone that commenting my previous post, I really love it so please do comment if you have something to say ( I should ask something right?..hurmm).

Okay,here is my question for today,
what do you think of girls in sneakers? Do you love it or do you feel weird?
 Please let me know if you wanna try sneakers on your next look.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.See you next time here.
Have a great week.



Simple & Minimal | Church is not fashion show

Hi there~
Sorry for not post about my outfit last week, I'm been busy with my Korea travel post and believe or not, I still not moving on from that trip yet. I got Korea fever now..huhu.
Before I talked much about my outfits, I want to share about something that really important especially with my fellow Christian believer,girls to be specific. I read one article on Facebook ,its about 'church is not fashion show' ( the original title was 'Gereja bukan fashion show'). I'm not sure if you read about that but don't worry, I share the article below. I think that article from Indonesia tabloid because its in Bahasa Indonesia. In my personal opinion, I am totally agreed with that statement. I am not perfect and there so much to learn in this life, so to be honest, there few times I dressed unappropriate to church,for example the dress too short and when I sit down, I feel uncomfortable and for sure, people around me might feel uncomfortable too,who knows.I'm not saying we cannot dress up when go to church but we can choose what appropriate to wear in our holy place.Don't wear the dress that too short or too revealing because it will disturb other people concerntration because everyone there is still human. They might not look at you directly but we can become judgemental inside our heart,which is not good. We can't blame fashion because its depends on you actually. You the one that choose what to wear and where you gonna wear it. Next time, when go to church, wear appropriate clothes because the clothes really reflect who you are (this note to me too).
I wore this outfit to church last week.Its appropriate right?hahahha.. And, I got many compliment about this white blouse. I bought this at Korea for KRW5,000(RM15+) or KRW10,000(RM30+), I forgot the price but sadly, I didn't check the label and it "made in China", which not really make me feel good.
I think I finally find my style, I love the simple and minimal style.That style makes me feel comfortable and confident about what I wore. As I said previous, I don't welcome any bright color this year.
My super long hair..yey!! I always feeling good whenever I saw my picture with my long hair but you don't know how struggle am I with it.But, I'm okay with it!
I look slimmer here because of the camera angle. I am currently and officially 60KG..ahhaha, I'm not joking, I'm serious! Time to lose weight now because I finally reach my highest weight ever.
I love this shot because it show the details of the blouse.

I knew the topic today quite sensitive but I hope we can learn from that.

Thanks for visit and read my blog,

[Seoul,Korea] Say Goodbye always the hardest | Seoul~KL

Hi everyone~
Finally my travel diary in Seoul,Korea come to end but I feel I'm not ready to say goodbye to Korea yet. Up until today, I still thinking of that favorite city of mine. I feel so attached..ahahha, I mean it! I must go back there soon.
So, I wanna share my final thought of Korea during my vacation there.

Outfit Diary : Dreams don't come free

*This is my super late post.
Hi there!
I still can't believe that all my photos from 2012~ early 2015 already gone! My life was depends on my laptop, everything in there! My lesson here is don't forget to print the every precious photos. Seems my laptop understand me very well, she saw me crying a lot, laughing like crazy when I see all my photos or watch my funny video and I think she want me to forget completely about everything and since I'm not so willing to delete everything, she just do it for me. Okay, that's for make myself feel a bit better.
Last time I went to my outfit shoot at Putrajaya, I forgot to share it with you guys.
Then, my laptop died and I totally forgot about it. And, now since my laptop recover after I change to new hard disk and luckily I did save some of the photos from that outfit shoot.
Here the photos.
Again you see myself with blue and white again.

"Dreams big and work hard"
Dreams not come free, you need to work hard to achieve it.
When its come to work hard, nobody want to have a hard life right? But, that the rule to make dreams come true. I'm trying my best to make everything works and one day, I will feel proud and satisfy with myself. I don't want to die craving for what I want in this life. I want to achieve everything that I ever wished as very young me and the current me.
Lastly, I staring at you now! Don't be scared..hehe
Thanks for visit and read my blog!

Thanks and have a good day!

Outfits Detail ::
Shirt : Vietnam
Denim shirt : Thailand
Skirt : KWC,KL
Sandals : Vietnam
Clutch : Forever21
Necklaces : Lovisa
Bracelet? : Thailand

God bless you,


[Seoul,Korea] Namsan Tower,Seoul (Day 6)

Hello from Namsan Tower or also known as N Seoul Tower.

Finally, I'm here.. I've seen this places so many times in Korean drama, variety shows and Korean movie as well. From here, we can see the Seoul city from above and of course, make my wishes with the padlock. My wishes is .... ( my secret, I will reveal on my travel video soon).
Enjoy the photos.

[Seoul,Korea] Gwanghwamun Square,Seoul (Day 5)

Hello from Gwanghwamun Square!

If you watch Korean drama or variety shows, you already familiar with this place or statues. But, there more history of them that makes me feel amazed and admired them. They such a smartest and wonderful people.

[Seoul,Korea] Insadong street & Gwangjang Market,Seoul (Day 5)

This is my day 5 in Seoul,Korea and its getting awesome.
If you wanna feel like a local, go to their market and here you'll see how the local people eat, what they eat and you can feel how their daily life too.One of my aim for this trip was visit and eat at their local market and that dream come true. Before went to the market, we went to Insadong street.This street is full of Korean traditional souvenier, make sure everything is purely made in Korea so we can support the local creation. Without further due, let's me share my journey to two amazing places.


Travel Diary : Shopping at Ewha Women University & Hongdae Street,Seoul (Day 4)

Hello from the street that I love~

When I look at my photos at Ewha Women University street and Hongdae street now, I feel I wanna go back there again. Ewha street full of affordable fashion items, since the targeted customer was young girl or student. Here, you can buy clothes for KRW5,000 (RM15+) and its made in Korea (this is most important whenever you buy clothes here). I love the quality and the design too. So, if you fan of Korean fashion and want to do clothes shopping, I really recommend to come here and emptied your wallet..hahah.
For Hongdae street, this street full of young people but it more crowded than Ewha street. From my observation, mostly girls at Ewha Street,maybe due to a lot of girls clothes selling there. For Hongdae street, you can find man and women clothes. In my opinion, if you are guys, its better for you to shop at Hongdae street ( a bit pricey but I don't think you mind because the man clothes over here quite good).


Travel Diary : Nami Island | Winter Sonata (Day 3)

Hello from Nami Island ~
Being able to visit Nami Island makes me feel so thankful of my life. Its dream of mine to visit here because I just love the view. If you're hardcore fans of Korean drama then you know about this island. I still remember when I watching that drama, I can't believe that kind of location ever exist in this world. Even though I do not visit it during winter (as seen on the drama) but still I love the view. I'm glad I can experience early Autumn in my life. Without further due, let's see my photos and how to get to this beautiful island.


Travel Diary : Myeong-dong Street, Dongdaemun area & Cheonggyecheon stream,Seoul (Day 2)

After our Namsangol Hanok village exploration, we went for our lunch at Myeong-dong street. Since, I travelled with my Muslim friends so I need to respect them so I won't eat the non-halal food, I can but I choose not to. We ate the seafood fried rice and its delicious,yummy!
Since we explored 3 places straight, let me briefly share the info of each places.

Travel Diary : Gyeongbokgung Palace,Seoul ( Day 2)

Hi everyone~
A little bit introduction about this palace.

Info :
This is the first palace built during the Joseon Dynasty. There five palaces in Seoul but I just able to visit the largest and most majestic which is Gyeongbokgung Palace. 
[Source :]

Travel Diary : Namsangol Hanok Village (Day 2) | Wearing Hanbok

Hi everyone~

As I'm writing my travel post after come back from Seoul make me feel a little sad because all I want now is going back there.But, the reality is here. Okay, let's check my my second day or first day exploration in Seoul. We choose to went to main attraction with less or no admission fee( Free) for the first day because we don't want to spend too much money on the beginning of our trip,save it for another places. At first,we planned to go to Buckhon Hanok Village but since our new roomates already went there and they said its better to go to Nansamgol Hanok village so we decided to go there because Bukchon Hanok village is residental area. My personal aim to be here is tried hanbok and take a lot of photos wearing it.


Travel Diary : Tips for first time traveller to Seoul,Korea | Touchdown Day(Day1)

Hello everyone~
Its time for me to share my travel diary or vacation in Seoul,Korea. I will share about my experience,tips and photos as well. I still can't believe I just visited Seoul,Korea. Its feel unreal but its real.Now, I am in my room busy selecting the best photo to share with you guys and editing words in every of my travel post,it seems long process but I love it!If you want to know, this is the most exciting part in my life so far. Okay, get ready to feel tempted to go travel now so please click Continue read button for the tips and at the end of the post I shared some funny, unexpected story behind my departure day on 10.9.2015. 
Enjoy reading and the photos.


Travel diary : Seoul,Korea- My 7 day Itinerary

Hi everyone~
Ahh..its time for me to share my Seoul itinerary and photos. Who excited? 
I must admit, I'm not good in explaining my itinerary but this time, I will try my best. If you have any question or comment, feel free to comment below.
Without further due, let's get started and I write in my own language (Kenyah language) for my Kenyah readers ( I hope they can understand my broken Kenyah language).
Selamat Petego toyang~
Ahh.. naaki masa ek ka "share" pengasat ek ka Seoul tidai re. Who excited? ( I don't know this in Kenyah). Oka bokai nta lote ake' mencam nyorat pengasat ek un tepo ake' akan coba oyan tega liwai ji. Nta ngena-ngena la a, let's get started!


Travel Diary : Kuala Lumpur 2015 | I love you lil brother

Hi everyone~
This is my last series of my travel with my lil brother last week. I'm thankful for the time to travel with my lil brother, its dream of mine to travel with my sibling.But, this time, I only can travel with my lil brother and I hope I can travel with everyone next time. Travelling with sibling has different feeling. I can learned and talk about our own story that we usually don't talk about.  Honestly said, I never get to know my brother actually,I feel embrassed to called myself his sister because I never know him very well. I hope this trip make we close the gap that we always had before and I hope we understand, support and love each other very well. 
There so many places to visit at Kuala Lumpur(KL) but we need to be selected because we don't have much time and we already feel tired of our Malacca trip on previous day, I always wish I had super energy whenever come to travel. When went to KL, I will avoid to drive because I hate KL traffic jam so usually I will use public transport such as LRT, Monorail or KTM ( this is last choice because I don't like it).
We start our journey from TBS (Terminal Bus Selatan), I parked my car there, the fee is RM4/entry.From there, we take the LRT to Masjid Jamek, and from Masjid Jamek we went to KLCC. I never tired of KLCC.We want to visit Aquaria KLCC but due our tight budget, we postpone it to next time. So, we just wondering around KL and visit some KL attractions and take photos for sure.
Enjoy my photos.


Travel Diary : Malacca city 2015

Hi there~
Thanks for visit my blog.
This is my 5th time visit Malacca city in my life. I love this city because of the buildings, the red buildings,food and environment here especially along the Malacca river, love there! I wished I have more time to strolling and enjoy some food at beautiful cafe' along the river. But, I can't make it again this time. The best memories of mine here was 2008 with my sister's family. During that time, my 2nd nephew still little little boy. How fast the times goes by, and now I went to Malacca with my lil bro and I feel happy he come to KL and we have time to travel together.I miss my family again.
If you looking for wedding or engagement photo shoot, you can select Malacca as one of your location.I already can imagine the white gown with red buildings as the backdrop. Awesome!  If you like to do photoshoot, you can come here before 6pm and after 6pm, the street will be busy and more food stalls await for you and let's piggin' out.haha
Okay, I don't want to talk much, enjoy my photos.
Hope you like it.


Travel Diary : Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam

Hi everyone~ 
Hope you have a great day with friends and family.
I try to publish my last week travel photos today because next week going to be busy week and I scared that I will have a very bad mood and lazy again next week. My mood is unpredictable this September, I don't know why.
This is my first time go to Laman Seni 7,Shah Alam.Before this, I just watch it on TV and I wished I can go here but nobody can go with me. I've a lot friends but I think there nobody share the same craziness with me but its okay. Last week my brother was here so I dragged him along after visit i-city,Shah Alam. If you interested to visit Laman Seni 7, you can see the sign board easily at Seksyen 7,Shah Alam or you just can see it before i-city. I'm not very good at give direction so I'm sorry..haha
There no entrance fees here because its just the back of the shop. I think this places great for outfit shooting and for those who appreciate art, street art to be specific.
Enjoy the photos.


Outfit Diary : Black and white | Stubborn me

Hi everyone~
This week was the tough week for me because I always in my bad mood . I'm stressed out over everything, I just can't control myself. I'm sorry my dear colleagues or friends if I ever hurt your feeling this week.And, I can't even keep up with my blogging schedule because of this bad mood. Beside always in bad mood, I feel laziest ever. After work, lying on my bed with hungry stomach and sleep early but wake up late. I don't know what happen to me. I feel tired and hopeless. I hope this feeling will not continue until next week. I hate this feeling..
Back to outfit, this is outfit I wore when I travelling or wondering to Kuala Lumpur ( KL) with my lil brother last Tuesday. We have a great time at KL but my feet feel very painful due to walking around a lot on the weekend. Usually I'm not like that when travelling but I'm not sure why my feet feel so painful this time.
Enjoy the photos.

Outfit Diary : Basically black | What to wear on hot travel day

Hi everyone~
I’m sorry for my delayed post for Wednesday outfit diary.I feel so tired this past two days due to enjoying my travel with my lil bro.Even though travelling make me tired but I always feel that travelling is always fun, whether travel to the local attraction or other country attraction. When I travelled, I love to wear black outfits because I know I will walk a lot and sweating like after I went jogging. So, to avoid the sweating mark on my back, I always choose to wear black even though its look hot for hot day but I don’t mind because black is everything for me.
Enjoy my outfit photos.
Next will be travel photo.