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Outfit Diary : Basically black | What to wear on hot travel day


Hi everyone~
I’m sorry for my delayed post for Wednesday outfit diary.I feel so tired this past two days due to enjoying my travel with my lil bro.Even though travelling make me tired but I always feel that travelling is always fun, whether travel to the local attraction or other country attraction. When I travelled, I love to wear black outfits because I know I will walk a lot and sweating like after I went jogging. So, to avoid the sweating mark on my back, I always choose to wear black even though its look hot for hot day but I don’t mind because black is everything for me.
Enjoy my outfit photos.
Next will be travel photo.

 5 Outfit travel tips :
1. Avoid too much accecories
2.  Always bring your sunglasses - everyone look cool on it.
3. Wear your comfortable clothes ( not  the  revealing to avoid bad strangers stare at you which not safe).
4. Wear comfortable shoes
5. Wear trusty pant- you will thank her after travel, don't wear too tight and too lose, just right. 

 In case rainy day, I bring my checked shirt and if no rain, just wrapped it around your waist and you good to go. I think I need to modified this checked shirt now because its super long.

I never get tired to take photo on this street. You can check my previous shoot here.

What I love about Malacca is the red building. I love it as my backdrop.

Even the back of the building also look pretty and can become my background..ahha

I love big window and big door.. 
One day I will have big window in my house and office..ahha

Feeling tired? Just sit anywhere you want..

See..everywhere is worth for my outfit diary backdrop.

Even this..please excuse my super tired face here..ahha and I change to my flip flop (selipar jepun) because I feel soo tired wore shoes.

As per usual, silly pose.

Out of blue today, I’m thinking of someone that I used to know/love. I think I miss him..maybe..
Honestly, I miss him every day this past 2 years (hahhaa.. 2 years,silly me!) . I will miss him when I have a good and bad time. But, that just old me that still stuck inside me and never want to get out. I won’t mad at myself because of that because that is the part of my life. I’m human that will never forget the old good times. I hope he will be the happiest in this life and never feel sad. Not related to my outfit theme today but just..never mind! Hahhaa. I'm okay whenever I think about my old good times, no more hard feeling because I'm stronger girl now. To celebrate the stronger me, here is ice cream for you with  theme song today is Rescue by Yuna. Currently, love this song!

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
I hope you enjoy and feel inspired to do what you love.
Do what you love while you still can.


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