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Outfit Diary : Black and white | Stubborn me

02 September 2015

Hi everyone~
This week was the tough week for me because I always in my bad mood . I'm stressed out over everything, I just can't control myself. I'm sorry my dear colleagues or friends if I ever hurt your feeling this week.And, I can't even keep up with my blogging schedule because of this bad mood. Beside always in bad mood, I feel laziest ever. After work, lying on my bed with hungry stomach and sleep early but wake up late. I don't know what happen to me. I feel tired and hopeless. I hope this feeling will not continue until next week. I hate this feeling..
Back to outfit, this is outfit I wore when I travelling or wondering to Kuala Lumpur ( KL) with my lil brother last Tuesday. We have a great time at KL but my feet feel very painful due to walking around a lot on the weekend. Usually I'm not like that when travelling but I'm not sure why my feet feel so painful this time.
Enjoy the photos.

This photo was taken at KLCC. My outfit blending very well with the backdrop. As per usual, I wear my favorite color, black and white, I even matching with my lil bro.

 Mini slit that I love...

Not all my outfit diary photo is perfect. Its the result of many trying..haha

There so many cool spot for outfit diary shooting around KL but nobody go with me here.

I realized, I'm not change at all after this so many years. I still that stubborn girl and selfish girl as per always. I know, I may lose people around me because of this attitude. Seems like I'm not learned from the past. But, I scared if I'm not stubborn and selfish, people will bullying me and I not get what I want. I choose to be stubborn and selfish again, people around me will leave me but as long as I can get what I always dream, that's matter. You can judge me.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.
Hope to see you again because I will share my travel photo for next post.

Thanks and love,

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