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Outfit Diary : Dreams don't come free


*This is my super late post.
Hi there!
I still can't believe that all my photos from 2012~ early 2015 already gone! My life was depends on my laptop, everything in there! My lesson here is don't forget to print the every precious photos. Seems my laptop understand me very well, she saw me crying a lot, laughing like crazy when I see all my photos or watch my funny video and I think she want me to forget completely about everything and since I'm not so willing to delete everything, she just do it for me. Okay, that's for make myself feel a bit better.
Last time I went to my outfit shoot at Putrajaya, I forgot to share it with you guys.
Then, my laptop died and I totally forgot about it. And, now since my laptop recover after I change to new hard disk and luckily I did save some of the photos from that outfit shoot.
Here the photos.
Again you see myself with blue and white again.

"Dreams big and work hard"
Dreams not come free, you need to work hard to achieve it.
When its come to work hard, nobody want to have a hard life right? But, that the rule to make dreams come true. I'm trying my best to make everything works and one day, I will feel proud and satisfy with myself. I don't want to die craving for what I want in this life. I want to achieve everything that I ever wished as very young me and the current me.
Lastly, I staring at you now! Don't be scared..hehe
Thanks for visit and read my blog!

Thanks and have a good day!

Outfits Detail ::
Shirt : Vietnam
Denim shirt : Thailand
Skirt : KWC,KL
Sandals : Vietnam
Clutch : Forever21
Necklaces : Lovisa
Bracelet? : Thailand

God bless you,

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