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Quick guide to buy comfy sneakers | Sneakers girls


Hi there~
Hope you have a great day so far.
To be honest, I am flat shoes or sandals kind of girl, I wore that two with my outfits almost every time.And, sometime I wore heels,if I wanna look taller because I am short girl.I never brave enough to wear sneakers with the dress. If I wore it with pants, I feel acceptable.But,this time I trying something totally different, I wore this comfy and "cool" sneakers with my navy shirtdress and its feel awesome!!! I feel so comfortable and confident with my experiement..ahha, I will wear it with more feminin outfit next time.Before that, I wanna share quick guide to buy comfy sneakers(based on my own experience, hope it can help you!).
Guide#1:Never purchase a sneakers first thing in the morning.
As I remember, I never buy a sneakers or shoes in the morning, I always purchase it at the end of the day of my shopping day because I believe,at that time my feet already become "bigger" than in the morning.So, my feet will fit very well on the shoes.
Guide#2:Try it and its feel good,get it!
I read somewhere before, the sneakers won't strecth like a heels. When I bought my this white sneakers last time, I immediately feel good when trying and walking with it so I bought it and until now, it never fail me.
Guide#3 : Wear or bring your usual kind of socks
If you plan to buy new sneakers,its better for you to be ready from home by wearing your old sneakers with your usual socks type you wearing. When try the new sneakers with that socks,you will find the right size because the thickness of that socks will add half size of your foot.
Enjoy my photos with my comfy sneakers.

Why do I love sneakers?
I feel comfortable when walk and I feel myself..finally! And, I will never wore my sneakers without socks. Here, I wore my sneakers with hide socks.
My proud/shy/showing off my super long hair ( I always bragging about my hair in every post now..haha), I just love my long hair.

No matter what style you love,go for it! Don't be shy to be different because being different is awesome. I always being different than others since I get out from my village/kampung, I mean different in term of my religion, my ethnics, my language and my look. Previously,I never appreciate that before but now, I really embracing that differences because I am KERIITLETO.I don't want to be same Kenyah girls, I will make different in a good way and you can make your way too.Just one thing you need to remember, don't forget where you come from and never forget GOD is bigger than your dreams.

Before I end the post, have you read my previous blog post? Its all about "Church is not fashion show",you can check the post here. You can check my personal opinion regarding this and hope you can respond about that important topic too.
And, BIG thanks for someone that commenting my previous post, I really love it so please do comment if you have something to say ( I should ask something right?..hurmm).

Okay,here is my question for today,
what do you think of girls in sneakers? Do you love it or do you feel weird?
 Please let me know if you wanna try sneakers on your next look.

Thanks for visit and read my blog.See you next time here.
Have a great week.


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