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Simple & Minimal | Church is not fashion show

Hi there~
Sorry for not post about my outfit last week, I'm been busy with my Korea travel post and believe or not, I still not moving on from that trip yet. I got Korea fever now..huhu.
Before I talked much about my outfits, I want to share about something that really important especially with my fellow Christian believer,girls to be specific. I read one article on Facebook ,its about 'church is not fashion show' ( the original title was 'Gereja bukan fashion show'). I'm not sure if you read about that but don't worry, I share the article below. I think that article from Indonesia tabloid because its in Bahasa Indonesia. In my personal opinion, I am totally agreed with that statement. I am not perfect and there so much to learn in this life, so to be honest, there few times I dressed unappropriate to church,for example the dress too short and when I sit down, I feel uncomfortable and for sure, people around me might feel uncomfortable too,who knows.I'm not saying we cannot dress up when go to church but we can choose what appropriate to wear in our holy place.Don't wear the dress that too short or too revealing because it will disturb other people concerntration because everyone there is still human. They might not look at you directly but we can become judgemental inside our heart,which is not good. We can't blame fashion because its depends on you actually. You the one that choose what to wear and where you gonna wear it. Next time, when go to church, wear appropriate clothes because the clothes really reflect who you are (this note to me too).
I wore this outfit to church last week.Its appropriate right?hahahha.. And, I got many compliment about this white blouse. I bought this at Korea for KRW5,000(RM15+) or KRW10,000(RM30+), I forgot the price but sadly, I didn't check the label and it "made in China", which not really make me feel good.
I think I finally find my style, I love the simple and minimal style.That style makes me feel comfortable and confident about what I wore. As I said previous, I don't welcome any bright color this year.
My super long hair..yey!! I always feeling good whenever I saw my picture with my long hair but you don't know how struggle am I with it.But, I'm okay with it!
I look slimmer here because of the camera angle. I am currently and officially 60KG..ahhaha, I'm not joking, I'm serious! Time to lose weight now because I finally reach my highest weight ever.
I love this shot because it show the details of the blouse.

I knew the topic today quite sensitive but I hope we can learn from that.

Thanks for visit and read my blog,
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  1. Agree :) proud to see a kenyah blogger. Saw ur blog on one magz once. That's when I started to read ur writings. Maju kerit leto

    1. Aww..thank you (tega tawai).Maju keritleto :)


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