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Travel Diary : Gyeongbokgung Palace,Seoul ( Day 2)


Hi everyone~
A little bit introduction about this palace.

Info :
This is the first palace built during the Joseon Dynasty. There five palaces in Seoul but I just able to visit the largest and most majestic which is Gyeongbokgung Palace. 
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How to get here ? 
i. Take Subway Line 3, stop at Gyeongbokgung Station,take exit 5 and walk five minute. The moment you in the Gyeongbokgung station you can feel the majestic feeling already and oh ya, you need to walk through the Ballium, you will forever young!
ii. Take subway,Line 5,stop at Gwanghwamun station,take exit 2 and walk 400m after walk out from the station. Here, you can see two main statue in Gwanghwamun Square.
I recommend to take the Gwanghwamun station, so you got to see the great statues here and then walk to the palace.

Admission fee ?
If you travel in very tight budget, you can just explore the free area, go to Korean Museum and take photo with the guards at outside and see the changing guards(its depends on the time you arrived here).
Enjoy my photos.
In case you take, the Gyeongbukgung station, here how the Gyeongbukgung station look like. If you wanna check whether you in the right station, you can feel the majestic feeling by see the cyling and the whole station basically.

Don't forget to pass through this Bullomun, so you never get older. I believe in that part.

First thing first, taking my photos at the entrance,yay!
 Finally I'm here :)

Feeling the feeling..

This is the overall maps of this palace, look small but its huge!

The first entrance..

I just love the decoration of this building such a royal feeling ( I never feel royal but I think this deco can be express in that way).

Oh ya~ the entrance ticket.

You know what, I really love how the traditional and modern building mixed very well in this area. It's awesome for me.

Since I love it, its time for my picture with them ( I mean the traditional and modern buildings)

Tips : In case you really want to know the story/history about this palace, you can always follow the tourist girls and heard what she said.It may rude but just try your best. As for me, I just search on internet, read their info and take picture.

I always seen this kind of building and color on our calendar (usually we asked from Chinese shop) and if we lucky enough we got the pretty girl on the calendar.Now, see it in front of my eyes really makes me feel thankful for the chances.

I'm a kampung girl so its very natural for me to love mountains and greeny view. This one, I am totally amazed and thinking "how that mountain look like during winter?, I want to witness it".

This location is perfect for wedding photoshoot but I'm not sure if you can wear your gown over here. Or maybe just wearing hanbok.

Tired? but I don't care!

After you visit this palace, take your time to visit Korean Museum and learn more about the country which I willing to learn.

Then, don't forget to witness the guards changing and take photos with them, just like the one at Buckingham Palace, London. I can't believe they're HUMAN!hahhaa.

Oh girls in hanbok, lovely~

This is in front of where the guards standing. You can walk 400m from here go to Gwanghamun Square.

 Oh my! Oh my! A lot of photos and I'm "eating" your data..ahhaa but I hope you guys enjoy the view and my photos. Actually, I bring my DSLR too during this trip but I feel comfortable taking picture with my iphone so almost my photos taken using iphone6.

 Thanks for reading~
Stay tuned for next post.


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