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[Seoul,Korea] Insadong street & Gwangjang Market,Seoul (Day 5)


This is my day 5 in Seoul,Korea and its getting awesome.
If you wanna feel like a local, go to their market and here you'll see how the local people eat, what they eat and you can feel how their daily life too.One of my aim for this trip was visit and eat at their local market and that dream come true. Before went to the market, we went to Insadong street.This street is full of Korean traditional souvenier, make sure everything is purely made in Korea so we can support the local creation. Without further due, let's me share my journey to two amazing places.

1. Insadong street
Info : 
One of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean traditional culture and crafts. Stores in Insa-dong specialize in a wide variety of goods that can only be purchased or appreciated in Korea: hanbok (traditional clothing), hanji (traditional paper), traditional teas, pottery, and folk crafts.
[source :]

How to get here?
Take subway line 3,stop at Anguk station and take exit #6.

What should buy?
Keychain (cheapest I saw during my trip was KRW8,000/10 pieces)
T-shirts I love Korea ( I bought for my parents for KRW5,000/1 piece)
Kitchenware ( Their sudu Korea for KRW2,000/one set with chopsticks)
Traditional Korean crafts.

This is Anguk station near the Insadong, I love the wall.

Meet my new friend and old friends. We met in our guesthouse at Itaewon, can we called we girls from Itaewon..Nice to meet you ladies, hope to see you again..

I think this handsomely tall man (the one with backpack) lost because he keep looking his maps/book but I'm not aggresive enough to help him, I should go help him..buahahhahhaa(evil laugh)

Next location is Gwangjang Market..holy moly~

ii. Gwangjang Market
Info :
The first nation market and most visited by tourist nowadays.

How to get here?
Take subway Line 1, stop at Jongno 5-ga station and take exit#8
Take subway Line 2&5, stop at Euljiro 4-ga station and take exit 4.
Walk few minutes and you'll see the sign of Gwangjang market.

What must eat/buy here?
-Eat local food like kimchi, pancake and bibimbap.
- Buy kimchi as a souvenier here. You can get smaller one for KRW5,000.And, its taste soo good.
Tips: Don't ever pack the kimchi on your handcarry luggage, they will ask you to throw it, better pack it on your checkin luggage.

The moment I enter this market, I already feel so good and I smell something good..oh ya~ the Running Man vibe inside me..hahha ( they sometime filming in this kind of market,remember?)

The making of fresh kimchi..

Just looking at that make me feel hungry.

I forgot this one but its famous in Korea but its too expensive.

Not just food, you can find the fabrics here too.

That pretty handbok..I really love the fabric.

I always wanted to see the delivery "ahjumma" with the food.

I'm sorry,Ahjumma for taking your photo in that position. I just jealous of you because you eating good food, I want some!!

Oh my~ Oh my! I feel I wanna try everything now..The ahjumma did give some for us to try and its taste good so I bought one as souvenier and my food.

The kimchi that I bought~

I think you can find any food here and its good to come here.Oh my~ oh my~ I'm hungry and thinking of white rice now.

This pancake is good but too oily for me so I'm headache during the night..ahhhaa

I feel a little bit hungry when I saw all these food photos..haha

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