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Travel Diary : Kuala Lumpur 2015 | I love you lil brother


Hi everyone~
This is my last series of my travel with my lil brother last week. I'm thankful for the time to travel with my lil brother, its dream of mine to travel with my sibling.But, this time, I only can travel with my lil brother and I hope I can travel with everyone next time. Travelling with sibling has different feeling. I can learned and talk about our own story that we usually don't talk about.  Honestly said, I never get to know my brother actually,I feel embrassed to called myself his sister because I never know him very well. I hope this trip make we close the gap that we always had before and I hope we understand, support and love each other very well. 
There so many places to visit at Kuala Lumpur(KL) but we need to be selected because we don't have much time and we already feel tired of our Malacca trip on previous day, I always wish I had super energy whenever come to travel. When went to KL, I will avoid to drive because I hate KL traffic jam so usually I will use public transport such as LRT, Monorail or KTM ( this is last choice because I don't like it).
We start our journey from TBS (Terminal Bus Selatan), I parked my car there, the fee is RM4/entry.From there, we take the LRT to Masjid Jamek, and from Masjid Jamek we went to KLCC. I never tired of KLCC.We want to visit Aquaria KLCC but due our tight budget, we postpone it to next time. So, we just wondering around KL and visit some KL attractions and take photos for sure.
Enjoy my photos.

You can visit Aquaria KLCC when you have budget :P
We just strolling around here and ate our lunch.

To my lil bro, I can never said this words toward you because it definitely sound creepy, so I will write on my blog and I hope you will read it.
Honestly, I feel bad for not try to know you when we young, I always have a fight with you and I hope its not too late to know you. I will always be proud of you for what good thing that you ever done in our family. Because of your good heart, I can feel do and go whenever I want. And, whatever you do, always do your best and never compare your life with anybody. You will have a great life because you have a biggest heart, you just be patient and hardworking. I will always support and be your strong support system. I am proud and glad that I have a good and strong lil brother. When anything happen to your life, I wanted to help if there any I can help.
I love you my lil brother! I mean it. 

2. Central Market
This is my usual place but I like to visit it again and again. When I feel artsy or tourist, I will go here and see people. You can go to Petaling Street from here but we choose to go to 

3. Sight seeing 
I never really do sight seeing in KL because I always rushing to go where I wanna go. This time, I take time to see and I realized Malaysia has a cool building and I wished I can have my outfit shooting here every week..haha

4. Galeri Kuala Lumpur & Dataran Merdeka
I always wish to take photo here but never had chance..haha
Believe or not, this is my first time went to Dataran Merdeka.

We even have a matching outfit during our travel..haha, we not planned but we just love black and white.

5. Amcorp Mall
Among many malls in Malaysia, this one always be my favorite. I can spend my whole day here during weekend, check on vintage stuffs, bargain for unique items and read book in the corner of this shop. I feel peaceful here. My favorite book is self help book because I need to help myself before I help others.

Since my lil bro loves to read, so this is great place for him to buy great deals book. I glad I found this places and share about it with my bro.

Lastly, we went to Times Square mall to shopping for my lil bro, I tried my best to control myself..ahahha, oh ya..we went to watch movie together for the first time.I never went to watch movie in cinema with my siblings and I love this. I should do more with my others siblings.
Live far from my family make me feel lonely always but sometime I just ignore that feeling because I always tell myself, one day everyone will go to their own way so its okay to living far from my family.
My advise for Keriitleto that live a far from their family,
ayen lopau cung kenai em, ayen luak matung ngan gaya du. Nawai We' ngan Amai lemoto.Dalem le berusaha meta tega ngan du, ayen lopau cung engke em ngan nawai Tuhan lemoto dalem udip. Oka nta oban penega Tuhan dalem udip le panak, ayen ne nyatan koma ke mencam pekelet ngan du. We' mek alek pesan kaki' oka ya telepon ake' , "Jaga osa ngan pengelan tega-tega, ayen doncau,sebayang lemoto ngan ayen leko tai meta gereja". No matter who we are, where we come from, always take care of yourself and never feel small because you're from rural area, you can do it too.

Sorry for mixed language today.

Thanks for visit and read my super long post today.
Hope to see next post.


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