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Travel Diary : Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam


Hi everyone~ 
Hope you have a great day with friends and family.
I try to publish my last week travel photos today because next week going to be busy week and I scared that I will have a very bad mood and lazy again next week. My mood is unpredictable this September, I don't know why.
This is my first time go to Laman Seni 7,Shah Alam.Before this, I just watch it on TV and I wished I can go here but nobody can go with me. I've a lot friends but I think there nobody share the same craziness with me but its okay. Last week my brother was here so I dragged him along after visit i-city,Shah Alam. If you interested to visit Laman Seni 7, you can see the sign board easily at Seksyen 7,Shah Alam or you just can see it before i-city. I'm not very good at give direction so I'm sorry..haha
There no entrance fees here because its just the back of the shop. I think this places great for outfit shooting and for those who appreciate art, street art to be specific.
Enjoy the photos.

Since I wake up late today so I unable to attend or go to church.All I wanted to do in this life is sleep all day long without eating and wake up during night and drink coffee and wake up all night long, staring at the dark sky. I realized I become emotionally unstable this past week, I'm not sure why but just go with flow and try to control it. 

Thanks for visit my blog.


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