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Travel Diary : Malacca city 2015

04 September 2015

Hi there~
Thanks for visit my blog.
This is my 5th time visit Malacca city in my life. I love this city because of the buildings, the red buildings,food and environment here especially along the Malacca river, love there! I wished I have more time to strolling and enjoy some food at beautiful cafe' along the river. But, I can't make it again this time. The best memories of mine here was 2008 with my sister's family. During that time, my 2nd nephew still little little boy. How fast the times goes by, and now I went to Malacca with my lil bro and I feel happy he come to KL and we have time to travel together.I miss my family again.
If you looking for wedding or engagement photo shoot, you can select Malacca as one of your location.I already can imagine the white gown with red buildings as the backdrop. Awesome!  If you like to do photoshoot, you can come here before 6pm and after 6pm, the street will be busy and more food stalls await for you and let's piggin' out.haha
Okay, I don't want to talk much, enjoy my photos.
Hope you like it.

Eat our brunch at this restaurant.


Actually we want to try to that shop but we don't have much time to wait so we try other shop. That shop is the famous rice ball.

Malacca city from hill area.

I love this house/hotel?! especially the stair. I definitily make this when I got my home.

Thanks again for visit my blog.
Hope you enjoy the photos and already plan for next travel trip.

Thanks and Love,

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